Headgear Braces: What Are They & Why You Might Need Them

We’ve all seen headgear braces somewhere in the media at one point or another. Whether it’s in cartoons of movies, this method of orthodontics is everyone’s nightmare when it comes to treatment time. Even though they’re very beneficial and will help shape your future smile. This equipment works to correct and fix any severe case of overbite. … Read more

Braces Appliances: Every Gadget Explained

As you start the process, you might be required to wear or use some special tools and equipment to ensure constant progress. These tools and devices basically work to move your jaw, shift teeth, close gaps, and improve your overall oral health. The underlying mechanism of these appliances is to shift and reframe the movement … Read more

Braces Alternatives: How Many Options Do You Have

Older individuals can be very skeptical when getting any traditional form of braces, because they view it as “for children.” Luckily, there are braces alternatives which will allow them to avoid having to wear the large metal brackets. A braces alternative focuses on using something other than brackets and wires to fix teeth. Why People … Read more

Is There Medicine for Braces Pain

How much does a  smile and a set of healthy sparkling white teeth cost? Wearing braces can be an ordeal. It can bring one a lot of hassles, from brushing to flossing, it can be very difficult to maintain. But the worst is yet to come. Most people with braces, at one time or another, … Read more