Harmony Lingual Braces

harmony bracesWhat are Harmony Lingual Braces?

Anyone requiring traditional metal braces instead of plastic aligners will want to investigate the possibility of wearing lingual braces made by Harmony American Orthodontics. Harmony is the industry’s first digitally customized self-ligating lingual system. It is truly the invisible solution for a perfect smile. Harmony is the world’s most advanced invisible Orthodontic system combining fully customized bonding pads, with fully customized self-ligating brackets, and fully customized archwires. Harmony Braces adapt to the treatment philosophies of each individual Orthodontist which helps simplify the treatment.

Harmony products are the perfect teeth-straightening solution for individuals who want to hide their metal braces from others. This brand of the brace is attached to the backs of teeth instead of the front by using three-dimensional computer imaging techniques to accurately design the best devices for each patient.

Harmony’s customized bracket pads and self-ligating brackets benefit from the latest advancements in digital orthodontics. To ensure patient comfort and enhanced treatment mechanics, Harmony technicians utilize computer software to calculate the best position for each bracket to provide the optimal position. Harmony benefits from a very efficient archwire sequence. There are 4 different wires used in succession that over the length of treatment delivers the customized treatment unique to each patient.

The Harmony System is an advanced technology for straightening teeth. Everything is digitally customized beforehand. The hardware is precision manufactured of high-quality materials. This invisible Orthodontic solution is perfect for those who want to hide braces. So how does it work?

harmony braces
Digital Scan


First, your Teeth are digitally scanned create a 3D model.

Proprietary CAD Software


Then Harmony’s proprietary CAD/CAM Software is used by a trained technician to map out a treatment program that will transform your smile for the better.

Harmony Robotically Formed Arch Wires
Robotically Formed Arch Wires


Next high-quality materials are used with robotically formed archwires that connect the brackets together.

How is the Harmony Brand of Braces Different from Other Brands?

In addition to being invisible to other people, the devices have customizable bonding pads that are self-litigating to assist with realigning a patient’s teeth to the correct positions in bone tissue. American Orthodontics teaches orthodontists how to use state-of-the-art equipment such as computer software and robotic systems to properly place Harmony Braces on each patient’s teeth. Due to the higher technological advances used to make and apply Harmony Braces to the backs of teeth, a patient gets results faster than with other brands.

How much do Harmony Braces Cost?

Metallic braces cost more than plastic aligners because the materials are more durable. In addition, metal braces have worn an average of two years while clear aligners are often only worn for a total of six months. Lingual braces also cost more because it is more difficult for an orthodontist to place the devices on a patient’s teeth. The cost of Harmony Braces includes routine visits to a dental office to tighten wires and brackets while making repairs. Lingual braces are comparable in prices to traditional braces, and many insurance carriers help pay for the devices.

Who Can Wear These Braces?

harmony bracket solution

Anyone can wear Harmony Braces including children, teenagers, and adults. In the future, lingual braces may be the only type used because the devices are more aesthetically pleasing. Individuals who do not want others seeing their metallic braces can benefit from wearing lingual devices to get a beautiful smile in less time than ordinary braces.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Harmony

The advantages of Harmony Braces include short appointments, fast treatment times, and amazing results. A disadvantage of wanting Harmony Braces is that many orthodontists still have not learned the process of placing these devices on a patient’s teeth. Patients may need to travel a longer distance to find an orthodontist trained in the Harmony brand’s technique. While Harmony brand dental braces from American Orthodontics may cost slightly more, patients get faster results.