Orthodontic Records

One of the appointments with your orthodontist will serve the purpose of gathering and compiling orthodontic records. These records are very important for all the stages of your treatment. These records will help your orthodontic team create a game plan that produces the best possible results. These records help the orthodontist in several ways. Using … Read more

The Laser Gum Treatment Guide

Periodontal disease effects a large population of adults.  Laser treatments might be used to help solve the problem. Research has suggested that lasers can be used to help improve the results of treating periodontal disease.  This non-surgical type of therapy to help treat the disease. The use of lasers can lower the bleeding, swelling, discomfort … Read more

What You Should Know About Gum Regrowth

You might be thinking about the previous article about grafting and thinking about how bad receding gums are,  but there’s good news. There is such thing as gum regrowth. Since your gums are made up of tissue that can easily be replicate it makes it very easy for your body to be able to have … Read more

How Much Do Dentures Cost

There are many factors that influence the cost of dentures. You have to take into account the cost of the material to create them. Some suppliers charge more than others and have different prices. After that there is the type of you need. Full ones are priced higher than partial ones. Also there is a discrepancy … Read more

Changing Orthodontist During Treatment

Sometimes life gets in the way. You might have to move cities due to a job or family circumstances. When this happens, you will have to change your orthodontist and resume treatment with someone else. This process can be quite tricky and confusing at first. This article will look at what you need to do … Read more

Braces Palatal Expander

A part of your treatment might require you to wear an expander. This is a device that’s used to fix your bite by widening the structure of your upper teeth. By widening it, you ensure that the upper half makes proper contact with the lower half. This handy device is mostly used on kids and … Read more

The Ultimate Braces Diet For Quick Results

One of the first things your orthodontist will give you when you have braces put on is a list of foods that you are not supposed to eat. There will be some foods that are frowned upon and some foods that are completely forbidden. The orthodontist makes these recommendations for a reason. The brackets and … Read more

Braces Mouth Guard

Having braces shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you enjoy the most. Sports can be a bit more difficult with braces because of the chance of the metal making heavy contact with your cheeks. A normal mouth guard can rarely fit braces and isn’t designed to do so. Luckily, now braces mouth guards are … Read more