Best Braces Colors For Boys To Wear To Appeal To Girls

Being a boy or a girl will have an influence on which color you choose for your brackets. This article will help give you suggestions as to what color should be best worn by boys.


Blue is a great color for boys to wear. Usually, a darker blue is an excellent choice for boys. A light blue doesn’t typically fit in well with boys because it stands out and makes it easier to see the brackets.  Usually darker a darker like midnight blue, dark blue and so forth are a great color which helps fit in not only with braces but the clothes you are wearing.


Green, unlike blue, stands out more and is still masculine.  Green makes your teeth stand out but does so in a nice way that a light blue does not. Green is also great to wear with bright colored clothing.


Purple over the years has become increasingly popular among boys growing up. It has become seen as less feminine and more neutral for both genders. Purple is a beautiful dark color that will fit in with all clothes and even bring out the white in your smile. Usually, a dark purple suits boys the best because of the color blending with facial features and clothing choices.


Now I’ve often been talking about using dark colors however red is a slight exception. Red can look good but only with bright colored clothes. Even with this advantage red can be a difficult choice because it makes it seem like your mouth is bleeding. I would suggest sticking with dark colors or even a color that does not look like blood or food.


Almost the same applies to orange when I previously talked about the color red. See, orange is an as bright color, which will stand out and make your braces visible. Orange should be avoided like most bright colors and focusing on dark colors will ultimately add to your braces experience.