SPEED Braces

speed braces comparison

SPEED System Braces are a new kind of revolutionary form of braces that do not use the same type of elastics as most braces do. Instead, they use a “Spring Clip,” an energy-storing component that works like a computer chip for your orthodontics. When your orthodontist places SPEED Braces on your teeth, they will “program” the Spring Clip to exert the right amount of force onto your teeth, moving them gently to where they need to be.

These braces are more comfortable, less visible, and, due to their smaller size — nearly a third smaller than most traditional braces — easier to take care of. Without the elastic holding your teeth in places, patients using the SPEED Braces will feel less pressure and friction on their teeth.

How much does SPEED Braces Cost?

Speed Braces cost considerably less because there are far fewer office visits. The cost is between $3000-$5000

Aesthetically, their smaller size makes them ideal for young children and teenagers who may be self-conscious about the look of their braces. With less elastic cluttering up their mouth, users of SPEED Braces can have more confidence in their smile than ever before.

Hygiene is easier with SPEED Braces as well. Traditional braces frequently trap food in the mouth and require extra, careful brushing. Without that extra bulk, food trapping is greatly reduced, making it easier than ever for children to take care of their teeth as they normally would. Maintaining good oral hygiene while seeing an orthodontist has never been this easy.

SPEED Braces can help reduce the overall orthodontics cost as well. Because of the nature of these new braces, you’ll need fewer individual appointments to see the orthodontist. The computer “programming” of these braces greatly reduces the need for manually resetting them on the teeth. Just let the Spring Clip do the work for you, and you’ll save on the money you’d otherwise have to invest in office visits. Though the technology may be slightly pricier to begin with, their many advantages will more than make up the cost eventually.

SPEED System Braces use incredibly advanced technology to achieve this new method of orthodontics. In fact, the technology used to manufacture them is also used to perfect today’s most advanced aircraft. SPEED System Orthodontics have been leading the world in technologically-advanced braces for over three decades now. With their newest technology poured into SPEED System Braces, it should come as no surprise to anyone that these visits could revolutionize the field and make it easier than ever for adults and children alike to come away with a set of perfect, straight teeth.