How Are Braces Placed On

So you must be wondering how your braces are attached onto your tooth. What are the mechanics behind this process? Well this article will discuss exactly that. We will discuss how the brackets at glued onto your teeth, and how their design will help them stay in place. Mechanics To start off the back of … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Chewing Gum With Braces

One of the most important things to avoid is chewing gum. Avoid chewing gum when wearing braces at all costs. This is extremely damaging to your treatment. You will be stalling progress and hampering the progress you already made. You won’t see results from your braces and it will take years and years to finish your … Read more

Braces and Pregnancy

First off, congratulations on the baby! Now that you have someone else to care for it’s important to know how braces are going to affect you and your unborn child.  This is a bit of a tricky question because two factors affect this answer. The first is when the baby was conceived. Depending on which … Read more

Braces Not Working

At times you might come across situations whereby you think or feel that your braces are not working. This is a common feeling that everyone goes through at one stage or another during their treatment. Don’t be alarmed. This article will discuss how you should approach these thoughts and how to discuss the matter with … Read more

Braces Lip Protector

A braces lip protectors is a device worn to ensure that your lips and the insides of your mouth are not harmed during your treatment. Normally these are one of the ways you can protect your mouth while playing sports. Since the ball or another person can hit you and lead to the brackets cutting … Read more

Job Interview with Braces : How To Prepare

We’ve had several readers email us asking for tips on how to look professional and mature for job interviews while they’re going through their orthodontic journey. In order to offer useful advice on this topic, we spoke and interviewed people that have been in these situations to hear what they had to say. This article … Read more

What Is The Braces Installation Process Like

The installation process causes a lot of worry in people’s minds when they are getting braces. This article will erase your concerns around the installation process. When your brackets are being installed, the process itself usually takes 1-2 hours. Sometimes it might be less other times more, depending on the state of your teeth. Why … Read more