If you are at this page, then you must be wondering if Medicaid covers braces. Short is that it can cover your treatment depending on your case. Not everyone’s treatment is covered by Medicaid insurance. Some cases do get covered while others don’t.

Your Teeth

How bad your teeth are plays a factor in whether they will pay for the treatment or not. If your teeth are not detrimental to your health, Medicaid unfortunately will not agree to cover your treatment. If your case is detrimental to your health and negatively affects it, the company might agree to cover the price of your braces. For such cases, it is best that you speak to an insurance agent, as even your dentist or orthodontist would not be able to predict if they will cover you or not.


Another factor as if Medicaid will pay for your brackets is your age. The older you become the less likely they are to cover you. Usually, they will only cover the costs if the patient is 21 years old and under. Additionally, them covering your braces will also depend on your income.

Point System

When covering the treatment, the insurance company works based on a points system to decide whether or not they will cover braces. You will need to have enough points in order to be a candidate for coverage. We would also like to note that this varies from state to state. The process works by your orthodontist making impressions and molds of your teeth. He then along with the molds, sends a file documenting all the problems and issues with your teeth. Upon receiving your file, the insurance company will then decide whether you meet the criteria for coverage.

Simply having crooked teeth will unfortunately not qualify you for coverage. Your case will have to be more severe in order to receive the coverage you are seeking.