Why Do I Need To Wear Retainers After Braces?

What Do Retainers Do? Retainers help prevent teeth from returning to their original positions following active treatment with braces or Invisalign.  Retainers help to lock the teeth into their new positions until the bones, ligaments, and gums surrounding the teeth are settled in their new positions.  Retainers are custom made to fit your teeth.  Molds … Read more

How Long Will I Need To Wear Braces?

Braces are placed to straighten and improve the appearance and the bite of the teeth.  Teeth that are crowded and overlapping are more difficult to clean and can lead to long term problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.  After having braces, your straight teeth will be much easier to look after and you … Read more

What Color Braces Should I Get?

The most exciting part of having braces is getting to choose what braces colors you would like.  But this can be a much more difficult thing to decide on than it would seem.  With more than 20 colors available there are tons of different color combinations to choose from so how to choose braces colors … Read more

Affordable Braces for College Students

Affordable dental insurance for college students is tough to find. In most cases, the best options are a discount dental plan from DentalPlans.com. The rates for the most coverage for dental insurance providers in the USA have been climbing steadily for years.. To view the most affordable dental insurance for college students, or the best … Read more

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

Wearing braces is rarely much fun, but it’s something that is necessary for some people. Both children and adults wear braces for a number of reasons, whether it is to have a more beautiful smile, to correct an overbite or to address complications associated with misaligned teeth. As uncomfortable as wearing braces can be, the … Read more

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces for Adults?

A beautiful smile can take you far in life, but if you were not naturally blessed with perfectly straight teeth, you may be considering braces as an adult. Braces are certainly no longer just for teenagers. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, approximately 22 percent of all individuals wearing braces are now adults. Does … Read more