How Much Will Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Me

The cost to remove your Wisdoms depends on many different variables. Things that will affect how much you pay for the are.

  • How experienced is the dentist: A more experienced dentist will charge more because his work will be better and cleaner. Your results are almost 100% guaranteed if you get them removed by a highly experienced dentist.
  • The location you are in: You’ll pay more if you live somewhere expensive you will pay more than if you lived in a less expensive part of your country
  • What form of dental insurance you own: If you have no dental insurance, you will be paying all the costs. If you have a great dental insurance plan you will be paying a fraction of the cost compared to having no insurance at all.
  • How complicated the procedure is: Some of the extraction procedures don’t take very long to do. Other procedures might cost more because it is difficult to extract because they grow horizontally. Sometimes not only do they grow horizontally, but also the wisdoms are beneath the gum. Extracting these will cost more.

For every tooth you extract, you will be paying somewhere between 150$ – 400$ depending on the factors discussed above. These costs do not include X-rays, sedation, as well as prescribed medication for post extraction recovery. Ask your dentist if there is any other oral surgery related necessities that you should account the costs for. Ask your orthodontist if your wisdoms are impacted (don’t show) versus erupted (above the gums).

If you have dental insurance, depending on your plan, you could get somewhere between15 and 50 percent reimbursement of your wisdom tooth extraction cost. Plan to be paying for the extractions somewhere between the ages of 17 and 21, which is when they begin to come in. You will want to have a little money set aside. You will want to quickly treat the problem and remove these as they can make matters worse with time. As these come in, they will push your other teeth. This leads to crowding and problems with your bite.

When you’re getting braces, you will often have to extract your them prior to getting braces put on. This is because while wearing them, if you still have your wisdom teeth in, they will hamper your progress. These will counteract the work being done by the braces. As your braces will be moving your teeth apart if they’re crowded, your wisdoms will be pushing your teeth together. When they erupt sideways, they can have a negative effect on braces. That’s why you want to have money set aside for the procedure.

Also account for aftercare costs when you remove your them. You will have to have mouthwash ready for rinsing and maintaining proper hygiene. Also your dentist might prescribe painkiller medication to reduce swelling and pain. These are most of the costs associated with the extractions. If you have any further questions, you can ask us by using our contact form.

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