What is Essix retainer care?

There are generally two types of essix retainers are fixed and removable they mainly differs based on the material prepared.

Fixed Permanent retainer:

  • Permanent fixed method are bonded in place as fixed but they are removable appliances after the period is covered it doesn’t continued for lifetime and it need to be removed or replaced down.
  • This type of fixed essix retainer is mainly used on the lower teeth to make their positions correct.
  • It is made of wire which is glued in the back of lower teeth, it is consists of a single stranded wire made of solid or braided type
  • As wire is flexible it firmly fit against the back teeth which would strengthen the teeth.
  • Less bonded retainers also can be used for upper teeth.

Removable Retainers:

The removable type has two categories of namely Essix and Hawley retainers which are explained below.

Essix retainers:

  • Essix treatment mainly takes impression of the patient’s teeth and made into a plaster cast.
  • Plaster cast is a thin sheet of plastic is heated and by use of vacuum is sucked down over the plastic cast.
  • The excess of plastic in the cast is removed off. The completed plastic cast covers the patient’s teeth over upper and lower jaw.
  • When these retainers worn they are unnoticeable over the patient’s teeth they give good appearance and also maintain an oral hygiene.
  • Essix retainers are non-adjustable essix retainers and it has to be regularly checked for occurrence of damage since it is made of plastics which are exposed for heat.

Hawley orthodontic:

  • Hawley retainers are type of which is used for upper teeth, these made with plastic flexible wire and clasps.
  • The roof of the patients mouth is covered by the plastic which lies along tough towards the lower teeth and bow wires are in front of the tooth in order to maintain alignment.
  • It can be repaired if any damage occurs it doesn’t need to be fully replaced.
  • Since it is a durable design it is easy to clean.
  • It allows the patient to tweak after the treatment.

Clear Retainer:

  • Clear braces are very similar to aligners made of plastic.
  • These clear retainers are under the brand name Vivera, Essix and Tru-Tain.
  • These products are made of molded plastic which fits over the patient’s tooth.
  • As these types are flexible and virtually invisible it feels comfortable to wear.
  • Though it is flexible it cannot be adjusted in case any damage occurs it needs to be fully replaced so it is exposed to heat when damage occurs.

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