What Happens If Your Braces Wire Is Loose

During your treatment you can encounter a few issues with your brackets, wires, and chains. One of the things you might wonder is what happens if your braces wire is loose?

A part of your treatment will be the wire becoming loose from the last bracket. This can lead to the wire poking you at which point you can break that piece off yourself or call the orthodontist’s office for them to cut it. This is a good sign because it means your teeth are shifting which is why the wire sticks out at the end. This is a very common occurrence and will decrease with time. The reason it becomes much less likely to occur after each appointment is because of how your teeth are closer which means the wire can be cut shorter.

The second type of looseness would be if the wire popped out of your bracket. This can happen by accident or if the food you’re eating is hard and causes the wire to pop out. By attempting to push the wire back in yourself can solve this scenario; normally you will hear a click sound when it snaps back into place. If you struggle to get it back into place, call the office and set up an appointment to fix it. They might try to push it back in or use a different wire instead. By staying loose for a long period of time, progress will stall.

Lastly is if the wire itself is weak or just feels strange in comparison to your previous experiences. Normally this could be a flaw/defect in the wire itself and you should contact your orthodontist office right away and get it fixed. If left alone, it is likely your teeth will be pushed in the wrong direction, making things worse.

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