What are the Benefits of Dental Hygienists in Orthodontic Offices?

In recent years, it has become more routine for orthodontic offices to have on staff a dental hygienist, and for good reason. Not only do they receive specific training related to the field of orthodontics, but they also are able to better understand the risks and needs of the orthodontic patient.

Before you choose an orthodontist, you may want to ask if they have a hygienist on staff. The hygienist can take over the regularly scheduled cleanings and will be skilled to work around the dental devices, brackets, and wires. They will also be able to remove guide wires effectively so that the cleaning can be performed free of distractions and then reinsert it afterwards. This helps the patient to get a thorough cleaning, and have the materials and expertise required on hand should a spring, wire, or bracket become dislodged during the cleaning.

For many people, the discoloration of the teeth that occurs because of braces is more invasive than the braces themselves. Having a hygienist on staff, trained in treating people with braces can make the after effects of braces less for the patient. Additionally, the hygienist will be able to care for the teeth after the braces come off.

Another benefit to the patient is that they can get many of their dental needs done in one place. The average orthodontic patient visits the orthodontist 15 times per year. Being able to get a routine cleaning done while they are having their adjustments makes the process simpler and more convenient. Plus, any problems with routine dental care will be seen early on and can hopefully be fixed before they become a problem.

It is also helpful for the orthodontist to have a hygienist on staff. Quite often they have enough training and skills to double as an assistant and can keep staff costs down.

With all the changes and advance sin orthodontics – it is difficult for general practice hygienists to keep up with aspects of care and management. Many patients are confused about this and can benefit from having a hygienist on staff at their orthodontic office. Not only does it save time – but it also can help improve the teeth and the process of getting teeth corrected and aligned. Patient satisfaction will also rise, and for the associated practice – this can mean a rise in clientele.

How to Get Good Orthodontic Cleaning Care

So you already have a good orthodontist and you are comfortable that everything is going perfectly fine with your teeth. But do you even consider the thought that you may not be getting the proper care for your teeth?

Sure you are brushing your teeth daily and you are using floss. In fact you are using the expensive and state of the art toothbrush plus mouthwash. However, you may not know that people with braces and mouth problems must keep in mind that they must be more vigilant in caring for their teeth.

So how is that possible? Well you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • You have to brush your teeth regularly. Not just regularly but at least every five minutes after you eat your meal. By keeping your teeth clean, it will lessen the plaque and avoid bad breathe.
  • You are prone to having a bad breathe so it is wise to keep an extra toothbrush. You may not know that you will need to brush your teeth for important life saving situations like talking to your crush, or presenting an important deal with your client.
  • It is wise to consult your doctor for expert advice on how to brush your teeth. You can also get useful tips on how to brush in case you have dental braces, the positioning of the toothbrush, the whole process, and other important information.
  • You can also inquire about the devices that will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. You can ask your orthodontist about oral irrigators, disclosing solutions or tablets, and tuft brushes.
  • You need to have a strict diet on what and what not to eat. Since you have braces and other dental problems it is wise to ask for these things, for you will never achieve that perfect teeth if you will just ignore the small yet important details.

Now with all that in mind, you can say goodbye to tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, and other dental problems. Discipline yourself when it comes to your oral hygiene by getting the best orthodontic cleaning care.

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