Do Veneers Cost That Much For One Tooth?

Veneers aren’t something that an individual plans on getting. Unfortunately, unplanned circumstances occur and that is when they become an option. One of the things that people often wonder about is how much veneers cost. This article will look at exactly that.


Per tooth, they will cost between $500$ to $1,500 depending on various factors. First, where you live can influence how much you will be paying. If you live in an expensive part of your country, you of course will be paying more. If you live in a cheaper place, you will pay less. Another factor that influences price is your personal case. Depending on how many teeth you require and what specific procedures need to be done, the price will vary.

Number Of Teeth

The number of teeth you’re getting work done on will also influence the cost of your veneers. It would be unwise to multiply the number of teeth that need to be worked on by the base price per tooth. This is because the final number always turns out to be less than what it really is. The reason is because your doctor will need to do extra work to prepare the teeth since you would be covering a broad area. When speaking about your doctor enquire about the price.


How experienced and trained your doctor is will affect how much you pay for them. Obviously the more experienced your doctor is, the more you will pay. You are paying for premium quality and the price shows. With that, you can expect great results. The same goes for how renowned the clinic is. A more popular and prominent clinic will charge more because they have highly experienced staff as well.

Equipment & Material

The equipment and material can also be a factor in costs. The more advanced and updated the equipment, the more expensive your veers will be. He needs to pay it back somehow, right?

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies in the U.S. unfortunately do not cover the cost. Just to be sure, ask your dental insurance company if their policy for you covers veneers. You never know, you might get an answer that surprises you.

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