Mystique Braces

mystique braces compared to metal

Mystique Braces are an increasingly popular alternative to metal braces. Adults and teenagers can both take advantage of this solution, which utilizes translucent brackets that blend within the enamel of your teeth. Mystique Braces also use a lock base system with reliable bonding that sure keeps them in place until the very end of treatment.

Mystique Clear Braces are different from traditional means of orthodontics in the way they are put together. It is not simply that the brackets are clear; this is more than simply aesthetic appeal. The silica slot liners and mechanical locks are stronger and more reliable than metal braces, ensuring that they do not break when you eat or brush. In addition, the process of debonding the brackets is simple and pain-free.

Many advantages exist to wearing this type of orthodontia. The most obvious advantage is the fact that the braces blend in so well. People standing three feet away from you will not be able to see them. The attractive brackets actually match the color of your enamel, allowing you to feel confident that they are not a distraction. Additionally, teens and adults can both benefit from wearing these braces.

Of course, there are a few disadvantages associated with Mystique Braces that you should consider before making the commitment. In many cases, these braces are more costly than traditional metal options. Each orthodontist may charge a slightly different amount so it is important that you talk to yours about financial options and payment plans. In addition, the brackets may become discolored over time. This is often the result of smoking or drinking dark drinks like soda, tea, wine, and coffee.

There is nothing wrong with traditional metal braces; however, many professionals agree that they are on their way out. As affordable invisible options become mainstream, more people seek out the orthodontic care that they need. Mystique Clear Braces are incredibly durable and reliable, giving you the straight teeth you deserve.