How Much Can A Tooth Extraction Cost

First before we can decide on how much a tooth extraction will cost we have to talk about the different kinds since each kind of extraction will vary in price.

Simple Permanent Teeth

A simple extraction is when a tooth is being extracted has penetrated the gum tissue and is relatively in a normal position. It may or may not have missing parts because of decay, lost restoration and fractures. Often these surgeries cost around $100 to $200 per tooth.

Surgical Permanent Teeth

This type of extraction is often for extracting teeth that has penetrated the gum and has a fairly normal position. However, the tooth that is being removed requires the bone around it to be removed, or complications might arise. This procedure can cost from around $180 to $350.

Simple Baby Teeth (Deciduous Teeth)

Since these teeth are in a rootless state it would be easy to extract however, most of these involve the teeth being in its root system stage, which makes it more difficult to extract. You might be thinking this is an unneeded situation since most teeth fall out, however, in some cases it is causing damage and needs to be removed. Now the average price will range from around $50 to $90.

What Causes These Prices?

Firstly the fee covers the anesthetic, which puts you to sleep. Then there is the cost for stitching if it is required during the operation. Then there is the post surgery care for patients. This lasts roughly 30 days based on the treatment. The post surgery includes treatments for any complications and the removal of stitches. The fee however does not include any examinations or the cost of consultation.

Price Variations

Now these prices aren’t guaranteed and will vary depending on your situation. If the process to remove the tooth is complicated the price is higher but if it’s simple it is lower. The fees they charge will vary as well. The need to remove several teeth can increase the cost because of the bone involved and the treatment needed to make sure you remain healthy. However, if the gum is damaged it might be easier for the surgeon to remove the teeth.  However, removing several teeth can be more difficult and complicated. Multiple teeth require contouring and smoothing which make it a more prolonged process

Dental Insurance

On average most dental plans will cover about 70-80% of the fee. However, complications can cause the price to rise and depending on what the complications are not all insurance will cover the costs. The insurance company will have to take a look at the form the surgeon fills out to make sure that the plan covers these costs. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about what is needed for the surgery and then talk to your insurance company about how much they will cover for the surgery.

These are just assumptions and the costs vary for each location and surgeon.

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