The Best Electric Toothbrush for Teeth with Braces

The search is on for the best electric toothbrush for teeth with braces. We know that wearing braces can be very inconvenient. However, cleaning it becomes even more inconvenient and takes a lot of effort. Many kids have braces and we know how difficult it can be to brush one’s teeth with all these wires and stuffs. One can only imagine the hassle of brushing it brings. Well, not anymore, because there are a lot of orthodontic toothbrushes in the market that are specially designed for people who wear braces.

Thankfully, toothbrush companies felt the need of this particular consumer group. This leads to the development of specialized braces toothbrushes. However, no one can claim to fame that theirs is the best.

Thus, if you have braces and are searching for the best electric toothbrush, here are some things you might consider first:

  • A toothbrush with small heads is perfect for people with braces. Since having braces leave you with less space in the mouth, cleaning with a regular toothbrush will not allow you to reach other areas. A small head toothbrush lets you clean deep areas and those at the back of the front teeth. It also works as floss at the same time.
  • Having soft bristles is a must for an electronic toothbrush that is best for those with braces. These kinds of bristles are capable of reaching areas that are in between teeth and in every nook and cranny of the braces itself. They are also gentle on the gums and do not tend to damage the tooth enamel.

We know how difficult it can be to get rid of food particles that got stuck in your braces’ wiring. Worry no more because with a soft-bristled electric toothbrush, getting rid of them will no longer be a hassle.

  • Pressure is also a must to consider. Do get an electric toothbrush that releases too much pressure on brushing. Of course, you do not want to get yourself hurt or your gums bleeding. Instead, look for an electric toothbrush that cleans without causing you pain. Some electric toothbrushes can be so harsh.
  • Pick one that is highly recommended by your orthodontist. No one knows toothbrushes better than your dentist. It is always helpful to seek advise from him as to what kind will work best for you.

In searching for the best electric braces toothbrush, go beyond the brand. More often than not, there’s more to the brand than meets the eye. Many kids have braces and we know how difficult it can be to brush one’s teeth with all these wires and stuffs. One can only imagine the hassle of brushing it brings. Well, not anymore, because there are a lot of orthodontic toothbrushes in the market that are specially designed for people who wear braces.

Orthodontic toothbrushes for those with braces come in different styles, colors and designs. However, the most ideal ones should have the following features:

  • Look for toothbrushes that come with bristles that are able to remove food particles that get stuck not just in your teeth but in your braces as well. You see, everything that goes through your mouth sticks to your braces too.

One particular toothbrush brand has bristles that are aligned into a “V” shape. Such feature allows the orthodontic toothbrush to penetrate certain areas that a regular toothbrush alone cannot reach.

  • An ideal orthodontic toothbrush should also be able to remove plaque that builds up in the braces. You see, plaques do not only form in the teeth but even in your braces!
  • It must have soft bristles and small heads. Generally preferred by orthodontists, a soft bristled toothbrush is more flexible and gentles on the surface of the tooth.

Meanwhile, toothbrushes that have small heads can do wonders to your braced teeth.

If you noticed, small headed toothbrushes allow better control because of increased space. This results to effective plaque removal too. In as far as cleaning the back surfaces of the front teeth, a small head toothbrush will surely do the trick!

  • Opt to use an interdental brush in conjunction with the regular toothbrush. These brushes are so helpful especially for those wearing braces because its smaller tip allows it to be inserted in between brackets or behind the wirings.

Although no specific study has been made regarding the efficacy of a manual or electronic toothbrush for braces, it is safe to conclude that either of the two can be used and will yield similar results. It’s all about brushing regularly and doing things the right way.

Do They Make Special Toothbrushes for Braces

Necessity is the mother of invention. The same applies to braces toothbrush. Because of the growing demand for oral hygiene of people with braces, the same was given birth to. Most dental companies have caught on with the trend and as they say it, the rest is history.

There are a lot of toothbrushes being sold in the market which specifically address the needs of those with braces. These special braces toothbrushes are different from the regular ones because of their distinct features.

Smaller Heads

One characteristic of a braces toothbrush is its smaller heads. Why is this so? Smaller heads create increased space inside your mouth which results to better control.

This feature also allows one to clean the back surfaces of the front teeth and could be very helpful especially to those who cannot open their mouths wide enough. That way, debris and food particles that are stuck in between the wirings are easily removed. Otherwise, plaque will continue to build up and accumulate.

Soft Bristles

Why do you think most orthodontists recommend that soft bristled toothbrushes will be used especially for those who are wearing braces? Well, for one, they are gentle on the surface of the tooth. They do not destroy the teeth’s enamel too unlike medium and hard-bristled toothbrushes. They are very flexible too.

Other than soft bristles, you must also put into consideration the bristle design. People with braces require special oral hygiene. Thus, bristles of a brace toothbrush are designed in such a way that they are able to remove even the minutest particle that gets stuck in the braces.

Long Narrow Neck

Having braces is no joke. Even brushing alone can be a lot of effort. You see, you have your teeth and your braces to clean. Thankfully, there are braces toothbrushes that have long narrow necks. This feature allows one to reach even the deeper areas of the mouth especially those that are below the gum line.

On one hand, braces toothbrushes are usually narrow allowing it to move around the mouth without distraction. Braces usually reduce the space inside the mouth where the toothbrush can freely move.

Our Pick :  Oral B Electric Toothbrush

Perhaps no other leading toothbrush brand comes close to Oral B Sonic Complete Electric Toothbrush. Considered as a leader in the field, Oral B has been force to reckon especially if it concerns toothbrushes.

What comes with every Oral B Sonic Complete electric toothbrush that you buy? Is there more to it than meets the eye? Here are bits of information on this premier electronic toothbrush brand.

  1. It gets rid of plaque effectively. It comes with different heads which can be used interchangeably. There are three different brushing modes ranging from soft, clean and massage. Not only that, it also has the capacity to remove tea and coffee stains as well as reverses symptoms of gingivitis.
  2. It is equipped with a timer that automatically turns off after two minutes. In addition to that, it sets of an alarm every 30 seconds prompting you to clean another area in the mouth.
  3. The bristles come in two different kinds giving the user maximum cleaning power. These specially crafted crisscross bristles are angle din such a way that it is able to clean areas in between the teeth. On the other hand, the power tip bristle allows the toothbrush to reach and clean deeper areas of the mouth.
  4. Its battery life is longer. If used twice daily, the battery can be used for two weeks without need of charging. The internal battery can be charged accordingly.
  5. The handle grips are rubberized therefore it will not slip out of your hands even if it is wet. It is also soft giving the user comfort in brushing. In addition, this is ideal for people with arthritis and with difficulty in grip.
  6. It can be very handy especially when going on vacations or business trips. This electronic toothbrush comes with a travel pack and other essentials that are perfect for travelling. You can have your charger, toothbrush and replaceable heads in one bag for easy storage.

Where else will you get an electric toothbrush if not from the one who is known for its name, quality and efficiency? That’s Oral B Sonic Complete for you!

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