Rubber Bands For Braces: Their Purpose Explained

When you first get brackets, your orthodontist might make you wear unique rubber bands to fix your bite. These are tiny circular elastic that can be different colors, sizes, and thickness, but all have the same goal. They are designed to make your teeth properly contact one another when you bite. These elastics can also be used to give your teeth a small push and move them along.

Some of your brackets will have tiny non-sharp hooks that stick out of them. These hooks are what your orthodontist will attach the bands too. Based on your situation, your orthodontist will connect the unique bands from one hook to another. Additionally, your orthodontist might use a spring instead of an elastic for specific desired results. Rubber bands for braces can be used side to side, top to bottom, or even diagonally. It is highly dependent on your case.

An example of the need for them is when a patient might have an overbite. A patient that has an overbite might require them to force a forward growth of the bottom jaw to align correctly with the upper jaw.

 How Often Do I Wear Them?

It is often best to wear the elastics all the time. That means both day and night, for every day of the week. It’s best to remove them only when you are brushing your teeth or eating. You can even wear them as you sleep. If you want fast and great results, wear these as often as you can to see progress. If you wear them on and off, you’re risking slow progress and stalling your treatment. The only person that will suffer from this is you. Once the process is complete and your jaw bites as your orthodontist want it to, you will be able to remove your braces and continue your treatment without them.

It will often take several months to fix your bite. That is why it is critical that you wear them as often as you can. By wearing them on and off for several months, your results will be delayed, and you won’t see much progress. Your bones need constant tension to reshape and improve, to maintain this tension you must keep wearing your braces elastics. When you get your braces rubber bands, be sure to change them every few hours. Usually after every meal would be a good time to put new ones in. This will make sure that your teeth always have tension pulling them to their desired location.

Your orthodontist will show you how you should place and wear your braces. With time, you will be able to put them on without needing a mirror. As well, you’ll get better at speaking with the elastics on. By wearing them all the time and renewing them every few hours, you will be on the way to a properly aligned jaw, a great smile, and the perfect teeth; so be sure to wear your braces elastics.