What Color Braces Should I Get?

The most exciting part of having braces is getting to choose what braces colors you would like.  But this can be a much more difficult thing to decide on than it would seem.  With more than 20 colors available there are tons of different color combinations to choose from so how to choose braces colors can be hard.  You can choose to have themed colors like orange and black for Halloween or Christmas colors to get in the festive spirit.  You could even choose to have the color of your birthstone.

Why Do Braces Have Those Colored Bands On Each Tooth?

If you look closely at braces you will see that these tiny rubber bands, called ligature ties, are used to hold the wire in place.  The wire is what straightens your teeth and the brackets need to fit tightly to the wire in order for your teeth to be straightened. Not all braces need these ligature ties.  Self-ligating braces do not need these little rubber bands.  The brackets on these braces close over the wire and, therefore, don’t need the elastics to keep the wire in place.

What Color Braces Bands Are Available?

There are a number of different brands of braces bands that orthodontists use.  Each brand has its own colors which may be slightly different from the other brands.  There is usually a range of more than 20 colors which allows for many different combinations of colors.

Good Braces Colors For Girls

Some really cute color combinations for girls are pink and green, like a watermelon.  Pink and purple look great together, as do purple and teal.  If you like colors but don’t want something too bright, try some lighter color combinations such as light pink and light blue.

Braces Color Ideas For Guys

Popular color choices of braces for boys are their favorite sports team or their school colors.  Red and green, or blue and navy looks great on guys.  Dark red looks good on boys (and girls), and the color can make your teeth appear whiter.

What Are Some Braces Colors To Avoid?

Some colors don’t look as great on your braces as you would think.  No matter how white your teeth are, having white ligature ties can make your teeth appear yellow.  And having yellow ligature ties can make your teeth look even more yellow!  White or clear ligature ties tend to become discolored very quickly.  These pale colors can stain easily from eating colored foods such as curries and tomatoes.  Any food or drink which is strong in color may stain your braces so it is best to avoid them whenever possible. Dark green is another color which should be avoided.  It can look like you have spinach stuck in your teeth, which is not the best look.


Still can’t decide what color to get?  Just choose your favorite color or get silver to begin with.  Remember, you can choose a different color when you get your braces adjusted, so you won’t be stuck with the same colors forever.  For those of you who are having trouble visualizing how colors look together on braces, you can use a braces color planner. Are there any other colors that you think look good together?  Leave a comment below with some color ideas you think look great.

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