How Much Will A Retainer Cost

Now that your treatment is done you are probably wondering how much the retainer that your orthodontist is making is going to cost you. Well luckily for you the cost is already included in the payments. However, you accidentally broke it. No worries you can always get a replacement. However, that replacement is not included in the actual payment plan. Depending on the location, your orthodontist’s fee and if you are an existing customer the price will vary. It cost can range from around $200 to 400. Now the original material cost is around $80 to create the mold of your teeth. The rest of the price will cover the cost for the appointment. Now it is crucial to get your retainer as soon as possible. Over the years your teeth will attempt to move to new positions. This is because your face changes over time, and with that your teeth will too. It is important for keeping the current structure of your teeth so the braces don’t go to waste. The longer you have it the more your teeth will be resistant to moving, however, even if they are resistant they will begin to shift over time. Now the sooner you get the retainer the better it is for you. The orthodontist will have to create a new ones based on your current teeth. This means the longer you wait the less perfect your teeth will be which means that everyday wasted will mean your teeth will have to stay that much less perfect.

Be sure to visit your current orthodontist, the one who got your braces on in the first place. This orthodontist will have the records from your previous treatments and will likely charge you less for a new one. When a orthodontist has to make a new retainer he is obligated to charge you more because he has never treated you before so he will most likely want to get as much of your money as possible since you might never return. This isn’t the case for your original orthodontist because they know you already paid them before and likely to comeback again if something occurs. Keep in mind that this is general how business works, and is very common among the industry. Lastly, make sure you don’t break it again, keeping it protected is important. Often individuals get lazy and forget to put it on yet they spent so much money fixing their teeth.