Retainers- A great option to maintain your straight smile

It becomes an ideal choice, when the teeth require a minor adjustment or need to settle. These processes are still required to follow in the orthodontic treatment. When it comes to hawley retainer, the plastic comes in a wide range of patterns and colors, so that the person has a little fun to personalize this type. The advantages of using hawley retainer are easy to clean, highly durable construction, presence of adjustable wire allows for tweaking after the orthodontic treatment and also repairable if damaged, but the full replacement is not usually required. Basically, there are different types of hawley retainer available such as clean, permanent, fixed, essix and acrylic as well as wire. However, these types of hawley retainer have own advantages, benefits and disadvantages.
First of all, you should clearly understand the use of it and pick the right one according to your needs. Normally, the retention is required for teeth, when the teeth are moved into the proper position and also make sure to place the teeth for staying in a correct position. Among these types, the clear  retainer is looking very simple and as same as invisalign aligners. It is made up of clear molded plastic that perfectly fits over the teeth and give you a good feel. This type is also most famous among patients in these days. But it is not much adjustable as same as the hawley retainer that would require to be replaced, if damaged.

Bonded type retainer

The bonded one is fixed type and being bonded in a certain place. Primarily, this one is mainly used on lower teeth that comprised of wire and tightly glued to the back of teeth by using dental composite. This kind of hawley retainer cannot be seen by others that have a longer lifespan. In this form, the compliance is not a concern, so it cannot be lost very soon. Whatever the type of hawley retainer you select, first you should get a proper recommendation from the orthodontist based on the unique factors to your situation. However, setting up the hawley retainer can always be an ultimate decision that highly encouraged the patients to rely with retention and guarantee their teeth to remain in perfect place. Therefore, the hawley retainer is a fabulous treatment that brings smiles that last for a lifetime.

Another popular type of hawley retainer is essix that made up of molded clear plastic. The only worry about this choice is to trap the liquid within teeth, so it can make it difficult to be cleaned in the interior surface. Moreover, the major benefits of using hawley retainer are very less noticeable, but it does not allow the top and bottom to get in touch with each other. Below are some of the different types that are include very clearily:

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