What Are Removable Braces & How Do They Work

How convenient and nice would it be to be able to have removable braces? Suddenly the fear of going on a date or taking a photo disappears in an instant. All you have to do is pop it out. The system you seek are called Invisalign. These braces are currently the best removable option available. However, being removable isn’t even their biggest advantage. Invisalign are invisible!!! This orthodontic system is invisible and can fit into your mouth almost like a retainer and make it very hard for anyone to notice. This method does not require brackets, wires or even rubber bands. The mouth guard uses a special type of plastic to straighten your teeth. Just like other types of orthodontic systems, these removable ones attempt to straighten your teeth wouldn’t anybody noticing that you have them on. This is done by giving you a new invisible mouth guard (aligner) every month or so to constantly be shifting your teeth into a better position.


The removable braces are made from clear plastic. Each appliance is custom-made for your mouth. A lab is given an impression of your teeth that is taken at the orthodontist’s office. That impression is taken to a lab in which they carefully adjust the impression to better the teeth impression. After the adjustments are made an aligner is given to you based on these adjustments. The aligner makes sure your teeth are improving to a better position. Now the aligner has to be worn on average 22 hours a day for roughly 2 week. This is just an estimate and might vary depending on your personal needs. After the 2 weeks the process is repeated so you have another aligner to continue the progress. This entire process can take anywhere from 18 to 30 aligners or about a year for your teeth to be finished. Invisalign can provide several unique advantages when compared to other braces.


The greatest advantage this system gives you is your worry free look. Since they are made with the same material as a clear retainer they are very hard to notice.


Just like a retainer the aligner fits perfectly in your mouth and pressures your teeth to move. Unlike traditional braces these won’t cause as much soreness and won’t irritate your mouth like other braces.


Since removable braces can be taken out, it makes them convenient for when you play sports and go about your daily life. On top of the removable feature these braces can be worn when you sleep. Also since they can be removed cleaning your teeth becomes much easier and this reduces the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and so on.

Despite all these advantages removable braces have several disadvantages

Not for everyone

Not all individuals can get these. They can be only used if an individual has mild or moderate orthodontic problems. The reason that the mouth guards only work on mild or moderate problems is because they can only move teeth horizontally. If they need to move teeth vertically, Invisalign will not work. Some of these cases involve but are not limited to overcrowded teeth, severe bad bite, and overly spaced teeth. All these are recommended for braces that involve brackets, because brackets can shift the teeth in a much more controlled way.


Since you will be wearing your mouth guard constantly, and you will need to be motivated to keep them on. Missing several days will result in prolonged treatment. If you keep forgetting to wear your mouth guard, expect that your results will disappear.


The price of Invisalign is higher than most other orthodontic treatments. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is the technology used, the technology needed to constantly improve the teeth are costly. Secondly, there is the customization, each aligner is unique to the individual and this requires hard work to ensure it fits perfectly. Lastly, the price of convenience, since these require plenty of customized mouth guard, and are extremely convenient, making the price is higher.

If you do choose to go with this system, your orthodontist will most likely have a payment plan that you can choose.

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