Reasons why are necessary for retainers after braces

The right alignment of teeth is one among the factors to determine the shape. Some children have teeth in an improper alignment. This not only makes them to feel difficulty in biting but also gives their face an unwanted look. There are many factors responsible for the improper alignment of teeth.Role of Braces

This is cured by orthodontists by the use of braces. If an orthodontist needs to perfect the alignment of the teeth, he should be able to move them. The teeth are tightly held by the bones and ligaments inside the jaw. So, the orthodontist uses mechanical forces to loosen them up and after arranging them in the appropriate alignment. Since the ligaments need a particular amount of time to retighten, the teeth are likely to be moved further which will result in yet another improper alignment. So, the orthodontist makes sure that the teeth don’t move by making the child wear braces. It holds the teeth tightly so that the ligaments are allowed to take time to be fixed.

Retainers after Braces

There is a common misconception that retainers after braces are not needed and it is an optional one. But, it is not true because retainers after braces should be compulsorily worn by the children to complete the task of getting their teeth fixed appropriately.

Types of Retainers after Braces

There are two types of retainers after braces namely, fixed retainers and removable retainers. The removable retainers, as the name suggests, are removed after a particular period of time. There are wires and hard plastic plate fixed to the roof of the mouth. On the other hand, fixed retainers are fixed permanently at the back of the teeth and it permanently keeps the teeth of your child in order. The greatest advantage of having the fixed retainers is that they won’t be visible outside. An orthodontist knows the kind of treatment given to a particular person and so it is good to follow the advice of him to choose the right type of retainers after braces.

So, it is made clear that wearing retainers after braces are just options but it is a compulsion. Since there are many types of retainers after braces, you need to follow the prescriptions given to you by your child’s orthodontist. The method of wearing and maintaining should be taught to the children by the parents. It helped your child to begin a journey towards a beautiful smile.

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