Playing Sports With Braces Without Ruining & Damaging Them

Wearing braces doesn’t mean that your active life has to stop. Many people enjoy playing sports and participating in very intense physical activities, and your treatment won’t influence that. If you are concern about playing sports with your braces or your child participating while wearing braces, there is no need to be. Braces shouldn’t impose any limitations on your day to day exercising. Any one can play sports with braces without the worry for any negative consequences.

Mouth Guard

When playing sports while wearing braces, be a little careful as to not damage your lips or teeth through an injury. You can always wear a mouth guard to reduce the risk of injury. You can ask your orthodontist about what type of mouth guard to wear. They will provide you with an orthodontist mouth guard. These mouth guards are different than the usual guards because they are made from thermoplastic material. Their specialty is to hold your teeth in place and protect your mouth at the same time. Prior to wearing this orthodontic mouth guard, you will heat it a bit and then place it into your mouth. Because it is a bit warm, it will imprint your teeth and hug them tightly. With time you might have to replace this mouth guard, because your teeth would have shifted, so the imprint of your teeth changed. This might not even be necessary if you are not playing a very physical sport. The orthodontic mouth guard is recommended for sports like hockey because your teeth are very prone to injury.

If you are purchasing a generic mouth guard that you can wear for 90 minutes when playing sports. Be sure to purchase a mouth guard that you can fit your teeth and brackets into it comfortably. Be aware of the risk that if someone hits your mouth guard or your mouth hard enough, it could knock some of your braces off. This is not the end of the world, it will just take your orthodontist some extra time to put them back on.

You should wear your mouth guard during heavy contact sports. These sports include, football, soccer, hockey, wrestling, and boxing. If you are playing baseball, you choose to or not to wear your mouth guard. During your next consultation, ask your orthodontist if you should wear any mouth guard for your particular sport. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind taking an extra few minutes to discuss your situation. Better safe than sorry.

Speak To Your Orthodontist

Most orthodontists provide their clients with a mouth guard free of charge upon asking. Don’t hesitate to speak with your orthodontist about playing sports with them on. If your orthodontist doesn’t provide mouth guard, ask them which they recommend. They might even say that it’s not necessary for you to wear a mouth guard.

As you can see, braces don’t have to stifle your athletic life and success. Be a bit prepared and informed and you can continue as you are. One last quick piece of advice, practice with a mouth guard at first before wearing it to the game or match so you’re more used to it.

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