Best Braces in Oakland

Affordable Braces and Orthodontic providers in Oakland. May provide sliding-scale or complementary work for Oakland residents.

Oakland Orthodontics Experts

195 41st St.
Oakland CA 94611
(510) 944-1696
The braces and Invisalign experts at Oakland Orthodontics can help you determine your best options when it comes to gaining that healthy and perfect smile. Many patients have found it’s more affordable than they thought! –

Righellis & Associates

2220 Mountain Blvd. Suite 204
Oakland, CA 94611
Orthodontics today can so much more than just making straight teeth with braces. It’s about making beautiful, symmetrical faces and big, broad, beautiful smiles that help create a better future for your child or perhaps you.-

Montclair Orthodontics

6116 Merced Ave., Suite C
Oakland, CA 94611
We offer Invisalign® clear aligners. The Invisalign system is comprised of a series of clear aligners that straighten teeth without the use of traditional braces. It is ideal for adult patients who want to enhance their smile, but are concerned about the appearance of metal braces. –

Oaktown Dental

2844 Summit St #206,
Oakland, CA 94609
We take pride in its ability to provide Orthodontic treatment with a state-of-the-art facility. We are experts to ensure your satisfaction and comfort whatever procedure you’re having. Whether you are looking to straighten your teeth with our 6 month smiles braces, or coming in for a dental implant consultation, we are friendly, highly skilled, and experienced so you won’t have to worry about your stay or the results you’ll get. –

Map of Braces in Oakland CA