What Are Metal Braces & Why They’re So Popular

In this post I will be talking about metal braces. Some of the topics I will be talking about revolve around the pros, cons, material, and cost of this type of orthodontics.

What are they?

These are the most traditional and most commonly expected brackets when getting treatment. Often they are the first kind of system that comes to mind. The brackets are made from titanium and stainless steel. This mixture allows them to be strong, durable and stay clean. This orthodontic system is very popular among orthodontist because of its reliability, low cost and fast results.


  • These brackets have a simple design. The metal bracket is glued to the front of your teeth. The glue is specially made to keep the brackets in place for years. Even if the brace falls off your orthodontist can replace it. When the brackets are in place the orthodontist will put a wire through will your brackets. The wire puts pressure on the teeth to move. The wire is replaced every session so your teeth continue to improve.
  • The flashy version that you might see people have is the gold braces. These brackets are chosen because some individuals are allergic to nickel,which is found in the metal system.


Out of all the of the various braces, metal brackets are the cheapest kind. This has made it the  most popular form of treatment. The average cost of metal braces will range around $3,500 to $5,000 for the entire treatment. The cost includes the service of adjustments, replacing wires, and fixing damaged or fallen off brackets. These costs will vary depending on every orthodontist and the region you live in.

 Treatment Length

The length of the treatment depends on your teeth prior to getting treatment. It is very common to have metal braces on between one to three years. Age does play a role in how fast the treatment progresses. The younger an individual is the quicker the process. This is because teenagers have a lower bone density than adults, which allows the teeth to move faster. Metal brackets, out of all the types of brackets, have the shortest treatment time.


  • Cheapest form of brackets
  • It only take an hour and a half to put the system on
  • Not customized, one size fits all.
  • Durable
  • Hard to stain
  • Fastest treatment time


  • Mouth soreness. After each wire replacement you will feel discomfort
  • First few wire replacement you will be sore for a week or two.
  • Requires frequent flossing and brushing
  • Can irritate gums when first put on.


Each bracket gets a colored elastic band which can brighten up your braces. There is plenty of colors to choose from and can brighten up your teeth. Every appointment you can choose to change the color of your elastics if you please. Only the metal type can be colored.

 Maintenance & Adjustments

  • Every month or few weeks you will have an appointment with your orthodontist who will check your progress. The archwire is replaced with a stronger, tighter wire to consistently pressure your teeth to move into a perfect position. These appointments are 20 minutes long and are crucial for progression so be sure not to miss any.
  • Be sure to choose your orthodontist carefully because you will not be able to switch your orthodontist easily and will have to pay the new orthodontist the full amount.

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