Is There Medicine for Braces Pain

How much does a  smile and a set of healthy sparkling white teeth cost? Wearing braces can be an ordeal. It can bring one a lot of hassles, from brushing to flossing, it can be very difficult to maintain. But the worst is yet to come.

Most people with braces, at one time or another, has experienced pain in the mouth brought about by wearing braces. We all know how painful it can be sometimes. Nonetheless, here are some ways of treating the pain caused by newly installed braces:

  1. Rinsing with salt water solution can help ease the pain. In fact, most orthodontists will recommend you of this natural treatment for braces-related pains.
  2. Mefenamic acid or any form of painkillers will somehow relieve you of the pain that your braces bring you. However, this will only be used if no other natural remedy can work effectively. Just the same, do ask your doctor about the right painkiller for you.
  3. Be careful of the food that you eat. If you have newly installed braces, avoid foods that are crunchy such as carrot sticks. This can cause your braces to misalign. Likewise, avoid eating hot foods as they have the tendency to aggravate pain. Instead, have a glass of smoothies, a cone of ice cream or even just a bottle of cold soda. Eating cold stuffs usually numbs the pain.
  4. Switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush. They are more gentle and flexible. It also allows for food particles that got stuck in the braces to be removed. It can even act as a dental floss if properly used. Likewise, brushing too hard can be very painful too. It can damage the teeth’s natural enamel.
  5. A dental wax can come in handy especially if you experience soreness in the mouth. Since the gums and the inner cheeks are in contact with the braces, this can cause soreness too. The best way to remedy this is by applying dental wax on the brackets. This will keep the gums and the inner cheeks in close contact with the sharp braces.

The next time you experience pain when wearing your braces, you know what to do. Just remember to consult your dentist before taking any medicine to stop the pain.

How to Get Some Pain Relief for Braces

Getting sick of being in pain because of your braces?  All of that pain and pressure can give you headaches and make you wonder if having braces was ever worth it in the first place.  Well, you are not alone.

These are the usual problems of people having braces. But actually the pain will be more tolerable once you get used to it. But let us have a helpful insight on the testimonies of those who have braces, for they know exactly how it feels to undergo brace tightening and they also have the best remedy on how to alleviate the pain.

So what are the things you have to keep in mind in order to lessen the pain? Here are some pointers:

  1. First thing is for you to consult your orthodontist about the appropriate and suitable over the counter pain reliever that is ideal for you. You can make things worst without consulting your doctor so avoid the risk of self medication. You can always buy ibuprofen, acetaminophen, oragel or abesol at a pharmacy.
  1. Be always prepared. You will never know when the pain will attack you. So it is wise to always keep a dental kit. Always be prepared in every situation to avoid more pain.

So what are things you need to have in your kit? You can have a dental wax as approved by your orthodontist to avoid the friction in your teeth which can cause pain. In addition, you need a toothbrush and toothpaste so that you can always keep your mouth clean and avoid the plaque from adding pain in your teeth.

  1. You need to have a check up if the pain persists. Your doctor will check whether the braces are too tight that there is a need for adjustment. But more importantly, you have to keep in mind that by having braces you have extra responsibilities to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

It is normal to experience pain every now and then especially if you’re wearing braces. Your sensitive teeth can be triggered by the food you eat, the water you drink, and other factors as well. It is therefore safe to take the precautionary measures needed to relieve the pain when it attacks.

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