How To Floss With Braces

It’s essential that you know about flossing with braces. This will significantly help you in avoiding white spots on your teeth when your braces are off. You should be flossing daily and more than once if possible. By continually doing so, you’ll make sure that there’s no food stuck in your wire. As well, it will enable you to prevent the growth of plaque which can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

Expect to be flossing several times a day, and it will be three times as long as when you brush. This time invested will pay off later on when you have a perfect smile. Be sure to spend some time of your day to clean your mouth if you want a good result.



  1. Use floss or any other material made specifically to working around brackets.
  2. Thread the plastic tip under the wire and elastics, and then pass it through two teeth.
  3. After passing it between your two teeth, move it up and down the side of each of the two sides.
  4. Floss each tooth until you are sure that it is clean and food free
  5. Repeat this step for all your other teeth
  6. Throw out the material.
  7. After you’re done rinse your mouth with mouthwash
  8. Done

Repeat this process every day, especially before going to bed. This ensures no plaque growth as you sleep. If you don’t have the healthiest of gums, it is normal to bleed when you first start cleaning your mouth. After a few days, the bleeding will go away. Keep in mind that your teeth still need to be taken care of even when you have brackets. Brackets don’t protect you from cavities or damage.