How Do Braces Work: The Science Behind Orthodontics

This is a question that many people ponder, how do they work? It is knowledge that would be good to have. It will allow you to understand the process and why it takes as long as it does. The best part is that the science behind it is simple. This article will be discussing how braces will straighten your teeth. We will do this using easy to understand basic scientific terms. We will also touch on the subject of what will happen to your teeth once the braces are removed.

 The Components

To first understand how braces work, you must know the components of the entire system. That way you’ll be able to follow better when we discuss how everything works.

  • Brackets: The brackets are the small squared shaped pieces of metal or ceramic that will be glued onto your teeth. They are glued with a special dental glue that prevents them from falling off.
  • Elastics: The elastics are connected from one bracket to another. The elastics’ job is to add pressure onto the teeth and push them to their desired spot.
  • Archwire: The archwire is a thin piece of metal wire that is placed across all your teeth. It gets placed onto the brackets or is passed through them. The archwire functions to keep the O rings in place.
  • O-rings: These are rings that are placed on top of the bracket. They function to keep the archwire in its place and not pop off.

How Everything Works

The mechanics of braces is very simple. When you get your braces you will notice the elastics connected across the brackets applying pressure and force onto your teeth. Over time this pressure pushes the teeth in the desired direction. With time, the bone holding the teeth in place slowly breaks down and builds up in a new position. This process takes time because we want to wait until the bone breaks down and then builds back up before moving the teeth further. This is done in order to make sure the teeth have enough bone support in their new position before moving them again. This forces the teeth to move in space. With time, they become straighter and better aligned. When they all reach the perfect position, the brackets are removed.

The Science

There’s a gum layer that is called gingiva, and it surrounds your teeth. Beneath it there’s a membrane that surrounds the bottom/root portion of your teeth. This membrane layer is called periodontal ligament. When you have braces, pressure on your teeth will cause the compression of one side of the membrane, while the other side expands. This will provide your tooth with space to move into. After the tooth moves into that space, bone grows to support it. During this entire process, special bones cells will break down the bones and then build them back up to support your teeth. This happens over time until your teeth are perfectly aligned.


After your braces are taken off, you will have to wear a retainer. The retainer will work to make sure your teeth stay in place and not move. This is needed because the probability of relapse is very high once the braces are off. They will naturally want to move back to previous positions. The retainer will keep them in place and provides the teeth with time for the teeth to build up around them. If you don’t wear your retainer for a while, your teeth will move and become crowded again. That’s why it’s best to follow your orthodontist’s instructions when it comes to wearing retainers.

When it comes to improving the appearance of one’s teeth, the dental brace have been used as a common tool among people. Actually, how do braces work and how to improve one’s smile?

The dental brace can be used among the adults and children to fulfill their dental needs. First, you must know how do braces work exactly. It highly help the person with enhancing one’s smile as well as keep up so many serious conditions from occurring in the future. These braces are mainly used to help with getting teeth to be realigned properly and try to set in the straight positions.

How do braces work, it actually works with several different types of materials in order to improve the teeth positions. Basically, the traditional type will work via the use of brackets and stainless steel wires, but the newer can make use of removable plastic alignment devices.

Merits of using for straightening teeth

This brace is very important for helping to keep different teeth conditions from occurring. If you wondered how do braces work, these can greatly help to prevent teeth from impacting one’s gums. If any one’s teeth are not straight, they can easily cause gems to be harmed through teeth impacting one another. As a result, the gums will become so weak and can easily damage one’s teeth and fall out.

How do braces work? Basically, it is not only used with so many materials, but also useful for helping to keep up different conditions like tooth impactions and jaw pains from occurring. Some of the major benefits of using dental products can explain obviously on how do it work and how can it improve one’s teeth.

  • One of the effective methods to treat any teeth condition is having an orthodontic treatment.
  • The orthodontic treatment mainly works by giving a gentle pressure in order to straighten the teeth.
  • The use of custom made and removable type can help to keep teeth in the new straightened position.
  • You can also use the retainers to treat the minor or major orthodontic problems.
  • How do braces work normally? It is an amazing human invention that can correct the improper or misaligned the set of teeth permanently.
  • When you find in online, then you can find different colors such as dark-blue, red, rose, light blue and green and so on.
  • Today, many people even wondered about how do it work and correct the teeth mistakes.
  • You know that how do braces work. The process of traditional one can remain continuously, but the speed one can work very fast as well as comfortable.
  • How do braces work? One of the most effective ways is helping people to get a smile that they desire.
  • The speed brace is a great choice for people who want the beautiful smile as fast as possible.

There are two types of braces available such as traditional and speed. However, this product is always satisfying the particular needs of every patient and gets them to have the right dental treatment as well.

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