How Are Braces Placed On

So you must be wondering how your braces are attached onto your tooth. What are the mechanics behind this process? Well this article will discuss exactly that. We will discuss how the brackets at glued onto your teeth, and how their design will help them stay in place.


To start off the back of each bracket has a unique mesh design to it that helps it stay attached. When your orthodontist places the braces glue on and then places the brackets onto your teeth, the combination of enamel + the mesh & glue will result in a firmly attached bracket.

Attachment Steps

  • Prior to any bracket being placed on, your orthodontist will polish off all the front of your teeth.
  • Afterwards they will widen your cheeks using a separator so that they can have an easier access to your teeth.
  • They will then to proceed and air dry all your teeth to avoid any moistness and saliva that will interfere with the process and results.
  • Afterward a conditioner is applied to your teeth for a very short period of time.
  • Then your orthodontist’s assistants will proceed to primer all your teeth.
  • Once the primer has been applied, they will proceed to place the bonding cement (braces glue) to the back of each bracket and then they will place the bracket onto your teeth.
  • Each bracket will be placed on the front of each tooth at a particular position and angle for optimal results.
  • If there is any access braces glue on your teeth after they put the brackets on, they will remove it.
  • The last step once everything has been done is to check that each bracket is firmly attached so that it doesn’t become loose with time and cause problems.


The entire process usually will last 20-30 minutes depending on each patient’s personal case. This is not a process that you want rushed as the foundation of your results highly depends on this step being done properly. With time, this process is becoming shorter and shorter due to technology advancing which results in the glue becoming cured much more quickly.


We would also like to note that this entire process is absolutely pain free. When each bracket is being placed on you will feel nothing at all. The only discomfort that you might experience is when your cheeks are stretched using the separator. Even then, the pain is very tolerable and minimal. Do expect your mouth becoming dry during these steps, but a simple ten second rinse with water will return everything to normal afterwards.


Once this is all done, your orthodontist will place the archwire and bands if necessary depending on your situation. Before you are done, the orthodontist will also explain everything to you and what you can expect. They’ll also give you a guide as to what you can or cannot eat and then you’ll be on your way. After 4-6 weeks you’ll visit the clinic again for an adjustment appointment.

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