Headgear Braces: What Are They & Why You Might Need Them

We’ve all seen headgear braces somewhere in the media at one point or another. Whether it’s in cartoons of movies, this method of orthodontics is everyone’s nightmare when it comes to treatment time. Even though they’re very beneficial and will help shape your future smile.

This equipment works to correct and fix any severe case of overbite. They function by holding back and stunting the growth of your upper jaw, which allows your lower jaw to catch up to it. Over time, this will correct your bad bite. You will have to put on your equipment daily for 10-15 hrs in order to see results. To fix and correct your jaw, it will take you anywhere between a year to a year and a half. Again this time period highly depends on your case.

This orthodontic correction system is not only worn by children and teens. You will also often see adults wearing it as well. Sometimes, this appliance may not be sufficient enough to fix your jaw and surgery will be required instead. You may have to get this system when your some teeth have been extracted or retracted, as well as during the closing of spaces. It’s also very possible that your bite might be fine, but your orthodontist will want you to wear this correctional system to maintain it as it is.

When you have it on, expect to feel soreness. This soreness is from the pressure being applied onto your teeth. Try to avoid making contact any sudden contact with your mouth because it will be extra sensitive. Expect to begin feeling the soreness within 24hrs of when you start putting it on your assigned equipment. The following days, you will become more sore and sensitive to any external stimulus. After a while, the soreness will tend to decrease like when you first got your brackets placed on.

If you want to relief your pain quickly, the best way is to wear the device constantly so that your teeth get used to it quickly and the pressure becomes normal. When that happens the pressure will become normal to the teeth over time as they adapt, and you won’t be able to tell you’re wearing it.

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