Get full time retention by fixing the retainer permanently

This type can withstand more years and need to be replaced, if it is necessary. The permanent retainer is always less visible, so it can be widely preferred by the patients. When you try this permanent retainer, you must be taken a proper care while placing the wire and ensure the patient that do not bite on the wire. Make sure to place it properly either lower or upper teeth, but fixing the permanent retainer can be a simple and easy procedure to do. It greatly helps to avoid shifting the front teeth and also protect them. With the use of this,you are able to protect all the teeth and get the beautiful smile on your face.

How to make permanent retainer

Unlike the removable type, you can easily make use of permanent retainer and do not worry about losing or removing it often in your mouth. Once you have worn it, you can fix it permanently unless and until you want. Normally, this kind of permanent retainer is made up of flexible stainless steel wire that is tightly bonded to each tooth. It can be perfectly placed on lower middle six teeth at backside. If there is a space between the teeth and needs to be remaining closed forever, the orthodontist can put this permanent retainer on the top of the teeth.

However, there are specific restrictions associated with this permanent retainer such as it should be placed on the top of teeth while biting hard foods and damage it. When the orthodontist feels to be removed this due to consider the overall gingival health, you just remove this permanent retainer for some time.

The process of retention orthodontic treatment begins, when the braces are removed for at least 2 years. Probably, it can be a challenging task to maintain good oral hygiene while using the permanent retainer. Before wearing it, you should understand the complete instructions properly and get to know how to brush as well as floss your teeth while using it. However, it is better to approach the right dentist who has experience in the retention process, checkups and cleanings and also ensure you that do not face any issues in further. The great benefits to use are not visible at all times from the outside. Here are the various types in retainer that given below:

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