Do braces hurt when you first get them on?

Now a day most of the people are having a question about do braces hurt but initial stage only people can feel discomfort. If a dentist is placing the braces then you might feel discomfort but after one week it will not hurt. Most of the people are experiencing pain on one day after than it will not hurt you.


First time your teeth might hurt while chewing the food so try to eat the soft foods like mash potatoes, macaroni or cheese. Most of the dentists are not place brackets on the teeth initially so people teeth might hurt a lot. One of the best ways place wires and brackets at the same time which is helpful to solve you pains.

benefits of using dental braces

What are things have to do after putting braces:

If you are having dental braces then you have to follow the below ideas such as:

dentist suggestions

  • Try to avoid moving your lips frequently because it’s hurt a lot
  • Use the wax more time
  • Eat soft foods because it is reducing your hurt
  • Try to avoid sleep on your face

question about do braces hurt

  • Go to workplaces or school and stay active
  • Try to avoid pick out braces
  • Use the counter medicines so you can reduce your teeth hurt

Most of the orthodontist will put more amount of wax at your braces and wires so if you are feeling raw then again apply it.

How to eat along with the dental braces

If you are applying more amount of wax then it is reducing your teeth hurt and tries to avoid chew foods or crunchy foods. People can eat this kind of foods at after one month so you can eat fruits and soft foods. There are different kinds of braces are available so choose the best and comfort one based on your dentist suggestions because it will not hurt more.

reducing your teeth hurt

How to eat along with the dental braces

In a modern world most of the people are having question about do braces hurt but people can feel pain at initial stage. Eating food is also quiet difficult job especially if you are eating Christmas, thanksgiving or holiday foods then your teeth might hurt a lot. In a first week people have to eat only soft foods like juices or massed potatoes.

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But after one month you might not feel this pain so try to use the soft foods. Based on your dentist suggestions you can also take a safety measures and your dentist is guide you to reduce the pain. If you are having crooked teeth then you have to put braces because it is helpful to straighten your teeth.

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There are plenty of benefits are there in braces so choose the best braces based on your teeth. It is really helpful to solve your all dental related problems. One of the main benefits of using dental braces, it is providing natural and cool smile. If you are working in popular company or some other organization then you can put this bracket.

Do braces hurt when you first get them on

It is provides natural smile and people can also do all their activity along with this braces because it will not affect your day to day life activity.

Do braces hurt

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