Everything You Need To Know About Dental Surgery

Dental surgery might be an essential part of your braces treatment. Do not let the word surgery scare you or put you off from getting the operation. Dental surgeries are not as grueling as they sound and the process usually isn’t painful.

Why Do I Need An Operation?

If your mouth and bite is causing you daily pain and discomfort, your orthodontist might suggest that you get surgery. This is a positive test because in the end, you will be pain free, and your overall health improves. Apart from that, your smile will improve for the better. Also, by getting fixing the problem early on, you will be avoiding further problems that lie down the road.

Types Of Operations

Every special case requires a different type of surgery. Despite surgical differences, all surgeries have the same goal, better health and a perfect smile.

One of the dental surgeries that the majority of people go through is wisdom tooth removal. At one point or another all of us have had to go through this type of operation, unless you’re very lucky. Wisdom teeth need to be removed because they can cause pain, infect nearby teeth, and apply pressure on your teeth that causes crowding.

Another type of oral operation is tooth extraction. When you’re getting braces, this operation is done to remove teeth in order to create space. It is also done because of decayed tooth that needs to be removed to protect nearby teeth and the nerve it is attached to.

The type of dental surgery you’re probably thinking of is jaw surgery. It is often done when you have a misaligned jaw, over bite, under bite, or an open-ended bite. During this time, the surgeon will often remove a part of your jaw and realign it for a correct bite. You might also have to get this surgery in order to solve breathing and chewing difficulties.


Surgeries aren’t cheap. They are quite expensive if your government or insurance company doesn’t cover them. It is very difficult to estimate how much an operation can cost because there are so many factors that affect the price. Your surgical costs will depend on your orthodontist, surgeon, and what city you live in. Regardless of all the factors there is an estimate of how much you can pay for each procedure on average.

  • Root Canals: 600-900$
  • Tooth Extraction: 200-500$/tooth
  • Jaw Surgery 5,000$+


Prior to your the operation, you’ll meet with your surgeon and orthodontist several times in order to take X rays and teeth molds for preparation. Additionally, you might have to meet with an anesthesiologist in order to take your blood pressure and weight.

Throughout these appointments, you will be informed of all the information you need to prepare yourself for post surgery recovery. This is also when you will be filling out all the paper work. It can be insurance claims or bills or payments. Your clinics and health professionals will be providing you with lists of what you should be eating. They will also be prescribing you some pain medication along with antibiotics for a swift recovery. If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Most dental surgeries are performed quickly. Within several days of you will be completely healed most of the time. Be sure to never rush your recovery. If your body is feeling tired rest it, and most important it doesn’t hurt to be too careful with what you eat. Be sure to follow instructions of what you should eat and how to recover. Going off path with recovery can cause further pain and a longer healing time. Jaw surgeries usually take the longest to recover from. This is due to the time that it takes your jawbones to heal. After any surgery it is very important to take time off work and school to heal so be sure to have a notice leave prepared prior to the operation.

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