What Are Damon Braces & Why They’re Better Than Other Types

Damon braces are an orthodontic system that work to straighten your teeth. It is a relatively new dental method and is unique in that it has a self-ligating system that shifts teeth. This system has become popular due to the great results it is producing along with how quickly it is producing them. This article will discuss all the subtopics of this system, their cost, how they work, along with other related topics.

Damon brackets unlike traditional metal brackets don’t come in a variety of colors. However, luckily they do come in a clear color. These brackets are a mix between damon brackets and ceramic brackets. I will continue talking about all the pros and cons as well why some individuals choose this system.

What Are They?

This is a very passive and self-efficient orthodontic system. What this means is that your brackets won’t require elastics because the archwire is within the brackets themselves. This will allow your teeth to move easily and freely without the constant need to change wires and elastics. With this system, your teeth will move quickly and comfortable to their desired positions.

Why Go Clear?

These type of Damon brackets are a mixture of damon and ceramic brackets. The mix consists of the size and shape of damon brackets but the material and color of ceramic brackets. These two combinations generate what some people like to call the invisible damon brackets.

Damon System Cost

Damon brackets might seem to expensive when you first hear about them. Usually, any new and revolutionary system will cost more than an older and more traditional system. These types of braces will cost you between 4,000$-8,000$ dollars on average. Unfortunately we cannot give you a more accurate number because how much you’ll pay will largely depend on your teeth specifically. Some people have paid around 4,000$ while others really had to pay 8,000$ when getting this orthodontic system. Only your orthodontist will be able to provide you with the proper estimate specific to your teeth. Your region, treatment length, and difficult of aligning your teeth will affect costs.


The Damon system is known for not using elastics and O-rings. This provides the system with an unparalleled advantage. The system will enable your teeth to be moved by the wires freely. Additionally, this will prevent friction and quicken the shifting and alignment process. Another advantage of the Damon system design is that the bracket squares are so tiny that they’re difficult to recognize. That means that your braces won’t really affect your smile like traditional metal brackets would. The brackets are smaller than the regular metal brackets as well as the archwire is thinner. In addition to all this, there are no elastics, making your brackets as subtle as possible to the common eye. Without the elastics, you’ll also be less prone to staining your brackets when eating certain foods.

Why wear them?

These brackets are already smaller than traditional brackets and now take on the color of your teeth. Damon’s were already harder to notice than metal brackets but mixing them with the material of ceramic and you create an entirely new type. Unfortunately, despite this combination they are still not entirely visible. Compared to invisalign and lingual brackets, these brackets fall a little bit short of being entirely invisible to the eye. These brackets also pose a strong resistance to stains.


This unique mixture means that the treatment will be a hybrid of the two mixes. You will have to go through the treatment of damon brackets while the equipment (ceramic wires) is the same as ceramic brackets. This mixture has lead to results roughly six months faster than metal brackets. Half a year faster than metal brackets is incredible. Fortunately, unlike invisalign, damon clear braes can work for anybody. Since these braces follow the treatment of damon’s they do not require tightening because the brackets themselves automatically tighten. The clear brackets also have no need for elastics because of their design. Since these braces are attached to your teeth you also won’t have to worry about them being lost, but you might have to go to the orthodontist if a bracket falls off. The self-tightening system is also means that very few appointments with the orthodontist will be needed.

Treatment Time

Damon braces also known for being very efficient and reducing treatment time. This means that your teeth will align a lot quicker than traditional treatments. On average, your treatment will finish 6 months before any other treatment. Your braces will be on constantly, and because they are an efficient system, you will be seeing results much faster than other treatments.


Comfort is the hallmark of this type of braces. Without any elastics and constant replacement of the archwire, you’ll feel less pressure being applied while getting the same perfect results.

Damon clear braces are working around the clock to make sure you’re getting the perfect smile. This system is very unique when compared to traditional brackets. Traditional brackets require appointments so they can switch the wire for continuous progress. Since the teeth now have to adjust for the new pressure it leads to soreness and discomfort. Damons on the other hand work slowly to continuously so that your teeth feel very little discomfort while your smile is being perfected.  Some individuals who decide on getting these braces can’t because of an allergic reaction to the metal. These brackets are made with composite material that is both strong and durable.

After treatment

All treatment methods have one disadvantage, which is teeth relapse. When the brackets are taken off the teeth have a tendency to move around. This is because as you age your body takes on various changes. Your teeth begin to shift as well. A retainer is used after the treatment to make sure that your smile stays the way it is. These braces however, have shown to have a slower relapse rate and speed. This innovative system working slowly and continuously means that the teeth are more used to the new position and aren’t as quick to revert back to their original position.


  • Fast treatment
  • Few office visits
  • No elastics
  • Small brackets
  • Hard to see
  • Material causes less irritation
  • Hard to stain brackets


  • Expensive
  • Not as strong as traditional metal braces
  • The wire can stain because of sauces and certain foods


Damon braces provide you with great results that will be the same as other methods of braces. Several studies have shown that this type of treatment has time and time again yielded optimal results.

Office Visits

When you decide to go with the Damon system, you will be scheduling less appointments adjustment appointments. On average, Damon system patients have 7 less appointments in total when compared to other methods of braces.


This system is very easy to clean and care for. Because you don’t have any elastics or rings, you will have less factors that harbor and grow bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, you won’t be staining your teeth and power chains.

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