What Is A Crossbite & How You Can Fix It

It’s easy for individuals who talk about crossbite to use the scientific terminology to describe it. In this article, I will keep it simple and easy for everyone to understand.


Firstly, let’s talk about what a crossbite is and what are the different kinds of crossbites. A crossbite is when a tooth or teeth, in the upper part of your teeth is behind your lower teeth or is directly on top of your lower teeth. There are plenty of reasons these are a terrible situation. Firstly let’s talk about your bite. If your bite is improper in some way, for example, the teeth not connecting correctly, this leads to damaging your bones. When you hurt your bones for a long enough period surgery becomes required to fix the problem. Jaw surgery is an extremely long and painful process. Secondly your overall smile, you will often see a nearly perfect smile on every advertisement you see. When you look closely, you’ll see that almost none of them have an improper bite or anything like that. The shape of your face is directly affected by your smile. A crossbite can cause your face to be longer, wider and vice versa. Now you can see from this a “bad bite” has a significant negative long-term effect on your life.

There are three different types of crossbite. The first is a posterior “bad/crossbite.” This occurs when the top teeth are behind the bottom teeth when biting down. Next is the bilateral. Bilateral occurs when the top teeth fall directly on top of the bottom teeth. Lastly, there is the unilateral. The unilateral means that there is a mixture of the two previous bites, some of the top teeth are behind and directly on top of the teeth.

Some over quite often names you might here are overbite. An overbite means that the front teeth are too far ahead of the lower teeth. This can be causedd by the front teeth being too far forward or the bottom teeth being too far back because of the jaw. The second thing you might here is an underbite. An underbite is when the top teeth are behind or on top of the bottom teeth. These revolve around the bottom teeth being too far ahead or the top teeth being not far ahead enough. These can be causedd by your teeth not growing correctly or the jaw not being correctly positioned.


Now there’s a large number of factors that affect your teeth growth. First is genetics, if your parents have had problems with their teeth you will most likely run into the same situation. Next is your jaw size, if the lower jaw is bigger than the upper jaw, or they are mismatched this might result in a crossbite. Next is if the teeth fall out from children to an adult too soon. If the upper adult teeth grow when the lower baby teeth are still there they will have to tuck behind the bottom teeth to grow. If you have adenoids and tonsils can cause an improper bite. If you have to breathe through your mouth, this might result in a crossbite. To fix this braces and possibly jaw surgery might be needed. Consult a dentist about your bite.


To keep this short and straightforward, often braces are used to fix an improper bite because braces can also fix several other problems at the same problem and perfect your overall smile. In more severe situation jaw surgery might be needed along with braces.