What Are Clear Retainers & Why They’re Important

Now this will be the first of three retainers that we will be talking about. Clear retainers are pretty similar to Invisalign braces. They are both made from transparent plastic but have two different purposes. Invisalign braces are made to improve your teeth while retainers are made to keep your teeth exactly how they are. However, Invisalign are made with a similar method. Firstly a mold of your teeth is made, after the mold of your teeth is made, a retainer based on your mold is created. There is a bit of the difference between when they are made. Invisalign adjust the mold so that the aligner improves your teeth, while retainers are not adjusted.


Now clear retainers have some very good advantages. Firstly, they are hard to notice. Since they are clear it makes it difficult to notice, just like invisalign braces and don’t need to be worn all the time. When you first have to start wearing a clear retainer you will need to wear them for about 12 hours a day. The nice thing about these braces is the fact that you can wear it while you sleep. So these 12 hours can be reduced to just a few because the majority of the time you are wearing it while you sleep.


Now there are some disadvantages to these braces. The first being they are fragile. They are very easy to break and damage. The clear plastic can be a little bit flexible but can still break or crack if it is not taken care of. Keeping the retainer in moist water can cause it to deform over time. The retainer being too dry can cause it to crack. Also the retainer should avoid heat and cold.

The plastic is meant to be in room temperature and heat, just like moisture, can cause it to expand and take a different shape. The cold can cause it to shrink and take on a new form. Lastly, it’s very likely for you to forget about the retainer. Since it is transparent it is easier for it to blend in with the surface it is on. You’ll often see students forget the clear retainer on a tray or table because it’s hard to notice. This also leads to the janitors to not notice it and throw it out accidentally when they are cleaning.

Wearing them

The retainer should be worn when you sleep. This helps fix your teeth while you sleep and greatly reduced the time you have to wear the retainer during the day. Often when sleeping your mouth gets reduced blood flow, which means that, the retainer won’t be too dry or too moist. Also, not having to wear the retainer outside of your home means your much less likely to lose it, damage it and so on. Also, the retainer should be given to you in a small plastic container. This plastic container should also have your retainer unless you are wearing it. Now when talking about cleaning your retainer go to this article here.

Do Invisible Braces Cost That Little?

The cost can vary depending on many factors. Roughly these braces, also known as Invisalign or removable braces, are dependent on your age, location, and orthodontist fee. The older you are the more expensive any other treatment is. This is because it is harder to move the teeth considering how long they have been in their current place. Younger adults and teens have teeth that are not completely settled yet, which makes fixing any imperfections of their smile easier than older individuals.

Next you have the location you are living in. Depending on your location it could be more expensive. Certain regions charge more than others because that’s the increase they have to deal with suppliers. Often the more wealthy regions charge more for treatment because the families can afford the higher price. You can probably find that a cheaper orthodontist will be found in less developed or maintained areas.

The last factor is the experience the orthodontist has. If an orthodontist is still in training at a university or college they are often much cheaper because they are not fully certified yet despite currently practicing dentistry under supervision. Often going to an educational institution means you will get the cheapest treatments and the same results. If you go to an orthodontist that is certified in several different methods and is heavily experience then the price will increase.

The final part is talking about the actual cost. Depending on your method it will cost anywhere from $3,500-8,000. The average price you will encounter will be $6,000 and up. The invisible prices cost is higher than other methods because of the convenience and amount of materials used to help fix your teeth. Keep in mind that these aren’t for everyone and that only specific situations can you get these.

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