How Much Do Clear Braces Cost

The average clear braces will cost around $3,500-8,000. The average is typically about $6,000. The cheapest brackets can be found by getting treatment at a dentist school instead of an experienced professional. Since students are performing all the tasks, it means the prices for labor is a lot lower than a fully certified orthodontist. The results will still be the same because a fully certified orthodontist is supervising all the treatment done in the clinic.

Now when it comes to price the fact that lingual brackets cost is higher than the average is higher than traditional brackets because of the larger need for materials. The price of transparent brackets is influenced by the need for a new tray for your teeth every time they want to improve it. The old tray will be useless and thrown out. The added material drives the price up, making it more expensive.

Next is the price of convenience. Since transparent brackets integrate well into your life better than every bracket type currently out there, these provide a better smile while treatment is occurring which no other brackets offer since this makes it unique and one of a kind in every way, which allows them to have a higher price.

Location is also a significant variable.  Different geographical regions have higher prices than others because of the economic wealth of an area. Even in cities, it is widespread to find these differences.  Often looking at different orthodontists, you will notice a different price discrepancy because of their experience and the price of the overall treatment.

Keep in mind that clear brackets are not for everyone and the cost of clear braces will vary. Often these braces are for full-grown adults and not for teenagers and young adults. I hope you enjoyed the article.