Why You Shouldn’t Be Chewing Gum With Braces

One of the most important things to avoid is chewing gum. Avoid chewing gum when wearing braces at all costs. This is extremely damaging to your treatment. You will be stalling progress and hampering the progress you already made. You won’t see results from your braces and it will take years and years to finish your treatment if you are always chewing while your braces are on. If someone states that they chewed gum while they had braces and everything turned out fine, don’t listen to them. They did the damage and got the result, but the result wouldn’t be as good as it can be and it probably took longer to see results.

Bent Wires

Chewing gum with braces will bend your wires. When the wires are bent, it pushes your teeth in the wrong direction. As well it will apply unnecessary stress onto your teeth. The wire will twist and bend when you chew gum while wearing braces. Once it twists and bends several times, it will break at some point and then you will have to go replace it. This will of course waste progress time and you will end up wearing your braces longer than you have to. By your next appointment, your teeth would not have moved even a bit. By then you would have wasted 6-8 weeks.

Teeth Damage

When your wire bends, it will unfortunately still apply pressure onto your teeth. Only problem is that because the wire is bending, this pressure will increase and decrease. As the pressure increase or decreases, it will be forcing your teeth to move into undesired locations. At that point, not only are you not progressing, but you are also digressing because you’re moving your teeth to the wrong spots. On top of everything, because your teeth aren’t used to the pressure from twisted and bent wires, you will begin feeling some pain and soreness. This is because the wires are applying pressure that is irritating the roots of your teeth.

Don’t Chew Gum

Therefore you can’t chew any type or form of gum or very stick food. Whether it’s sugar free or your typical bubble gum, for your consideration and your orthodontist’s it would be best that you stay away from chewing gum completely, it will bend the wires and slow down your treatment. Be careful and try to cut the habit if you are a frequent gum chewer. By doing so, you will see progress and results more quickly than if you continued chewing gum.

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