How To Save Money & Get Cheap Braces

When you are considering braces, it is inevitable that you will wonder about the money. Braces are not cheap. They are a hefty investment. There are certain tips and tricks that you can execute to get “cheap braces.” Simply put, if you are looking to get cheap brackets usual; you should avoid expensive orthodontists and types of treatment. In the end, by doing so, you will be saving a few thousand dollars.


Did you know that some dentists do orthodontic work? You can go to a dentist to get treated instead  of an orthodontist. They will charge less as well. Ask your dentist if they offer the same treatment as orthodontists, or if they can refer you to a dentist who does. Also some orthodontists charge a reduced price for treatment if a close friend or health professional referred you to them, so be sure to ask your dentist who they recommend.

Dental School

Another way to save money is by getting them from a dental school or at a university dental clinic. These are teaching institutions and your treatment will cost less because highly trained graduates will put them on. Since the orthodontists are technically still students, they do not get paid as much as experienced orthodontists. This works to your advantage because their hourly rate is much less than an orthodontist who owns their own practice. I know what you must be thinking, but rest assured because doctors and highly experienced professors always double-check their work. You end up getting the same results, but for a fraction of the cost.

The equipment and tools that the dental school clinic uses is the same that your orthodontist will be using as well. You can rest assured that you will be getting high quality treatment and optimal results. If you choose to get your treatment from a university’s dental clinic, you will be paying approximately half what you would pay at an orthodontist clinic.

Dental Associations

Your state or province has a dental association that you can contact to see if they have any financial assistance programs. These programs are available to the public and have very few requirements. They can help you cut costs and provide you with several cost efficient options. We suggest you contact them as you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Choosing The Right Type

You can save a lot by choosing the cheapest type of brackets. Metal braces are the cheapest form. The various types of brackets such as lingual, ceramic, Damon, and Invisalign are all far more expensive than the typical metal brackets. You can be saving hundreds of dollars just by deciding on metal / traditional braces.

Dental Insurance Programs

Be sure to speak to your insurance company or your dental company about what your options are when it comes to braces. There are companies out there that do offer partial insurance coverage. If the current state of your teeth negatively affects your health, you can be highly eligible for coverage. Just prepare yourself to plenty of paperwork if you are going to deal with an insurance company.

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