Changing Orthodontist During Treatment

Sometimes life gets in the way. You might have to move cities due to a job or family circumstances. When this happens, you will have to change your orthodontist and resume treatment with someone else. This process can be quite tricky and confusing at first. This article will look at what you need to do so that you are prepared when it comes time to change your specialist.

1. Inform Your Clinic

Inform your orthodontic clinic when you know that you might have to move. The sooner you inform him/her the better. This will allow both parties to plan and finalize all loose ends. You can stop the payments as well as get recommendations for orthodontist in your new city. Your orthodontist will also begin preparing all the files that you will have to take with you to your new clinic. That way you can continue to resume your treatment immediately and without any confusion. Also, your orthodontist will be able to stop charging you for future payments since you no longer are their patient. Ask your new clinic what their policy is on the finances.

2. Get your records

Before moving to your new city, make sure that you get your files and records from your current treatment clinic. You should have both dental records and any X-rays that you have taken since the beginning of your treatment. You can also ask your orthodontist if they can just forward them to your new orthodontist when you arrive at your new city.

3. Choose A New Orthodontic Clinic Before Moving

This might be a tricky step but if you can, try to choose a new orthodontic clinic before moving. There are a few ways you can go about making this decision. The first is to speak with your orthodontist, they may recommend someone in your new city. The second option is to speak to any friends and relatives in your location. They would be able to recommend things based on experience. Your last option is to contact orthodontic clinics in your new city and try to set up a few Skype conversations so that you can discuss with them concerns and ask them questions.

4. Communications Between Orthodontic Clinics

Orthodontists are usually very understanding of such situations. If you decide on an orthodontic clinic before arriving to your new city, they may be more than able to contact one another and discuss your treatment so that your new clinic is well prepared to treat you.

5. Expect To Pay

Unfortunately you might have to pay your new orthodontist a price that they set. Even if you are towards the last stages of your treatment, they’ll still charge you some fee. Unfortunately we cannot predict what amount they would be charging, so it is best to ask them when you first contact them.

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