Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a transparent form to make it difficult for other people to notice. Celebrities often find these types of brackets handy because they are subtle and won’t affect your image. later on I will be discussing the various pros and cons of ceramic brackets and how they differ from regular brackets.

 What are they?

These brackets are the same color as your teeth so they are camouflaged. This main feature makes them harder to notice than metal brackets and work just as well. The brackets are hard to stain and durable and strong. The archwire stays in the brackets with the help of ligatures (rubber bands).


Just like any other orthodontic system, these straighten your teeth properly to create a beautiful smile. The brackets are even the same shape and size as metal brackets. The durability and the strength of the brackets produce the same efficient result as the metal system. They are tough and hard to damage.


  • A major advantage to of these brackets is the color that blends in with each tooth. This makes them practically unnoticeable. From a fair distance away it can be tough for individuals to notice these braces. This is usually the main advantage that brings adults to choose them ahead of other types of treatments.
  • The brackets are made from composite material, which causes less irritation compared to regular braces. The mouth feels it to be much smoother when the brackets touch your lips or cheeks.
  • The composite material is very sturdy, despite it not being metal it holds up very well and is rare for people to experience problems with them.
  • The brackets are hard to stain despite them being almost clear colored.


  • The elastic behind the brackets can stain easily. Foods that contain sauces will stain your rubber band and give it a different color. Even drinks like wine can have the same influence and ultimately make it look like your teeth have stains.
  • Not as strong as metal brackets making them more likely to chip against pressure.
  • The increased friction of these brackets means it takes longer for adjustments.
  • They cost more than the metal system.
  • It takes from one to two months longer than regular brackets.


The cost for ceramic braces is higher then metal ones. On average ceramic braces tend to be more expensive by five hundred to one thousand dollars more than the metal system. This figure will vary depending on the location you live in. The cost is higher due to the fact this treatment system will require more visits, longer installation time, cost more for the orthodontist to buy. You can expect a total cost of around $4,500-6,000 in America.

Maintenance & Home Care

  • It can be easy to forget cleaning your braces. Brushing a minimum of two times daily ensures your teeth don’t get damaged.
  • The adjustment appointments are there to change the rubber band so your teeth continue improving. Be sure not to miss any of the appointments. These appointments also give you unstained elastics.
  • Be sure to floss, it will be difficult, but you will have the brackets on for a while and you can’t let plaque build up.
  • Avoid foods that stain your teeth, often foods like curry or berries will stain your teeth.
  • Brushing immediately after eating will prevent the ligature from being stained.

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