Categories of retainer – Uses, pros and cons

A beautiful smile can always be a great asset for people that help them to look even more fantastic. If you want to enhance your smile on face, you need to visit the dentist and look good with the use of different types of retainers prescribed by them. They offer several kinds of treatment and using types of retainers as well as braces in order to acquire the perfect teeth structure. Once you decide to take this treatment, first of all you need to know about these types of retainers and its benefits that include:


The permanent one is fixed at one time that cannot be removed often as like the removable choice. It is very comfortable to use than any other types of retainers, which should be placed on the back of your teeth, so it is invisible to others. The benefits of using permanent types of retainers are that you do not forget to wear and also prevent the shifting of unwanted teeth. When you are using, make sure that your teeth will not revert to their crooked position and you need to straighten by just wearing braces.


The removable choices are highly recommended by the patients in these days. It is a most efficient and simple solution for those who with crooked teeth. Among the various types of retainers, the removable form is very easy to wear and do not cause any problems while flossing and brushing. Unlike any other types of retainers, it has specially designed to keep your teeth in a proper place without need of realigning in any way.


This type is quite recommended by the dentist, if it is necessary for patients. Among the several types of retainers, it is less noticeable and do not allow the top and bottom of your teeth to get in touch with each other. It is usually made up of molded clear plastic. Most of the dentists do not prefer this type, because of its difficulty in cleaning procedure. Sometimes, these types of retainers also require using any liquid or trapping water in it that is quite uncomfortable to use.


This kind of products is normally manufactured with acrylic, plastic and blended wire. Here, the acrylic is molded in any way that fits well inside the mouth and fixes it using bendable wire through your teeth. Now, these types of retainers are available in a wide range of patterns as well as colors and take a proper care for its long term use.

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