What You Should Do When Your Braces Wire Poking

When you get braces, you will run into some inconveniences from time to time. One of these inconveniences is your wire poking out. As your teeth move, your wire might stick out at the ends. When this happens it starts poking the inside of your cheek. This will cause discomfort and some slight pain. Treating this problem and solving it is very easy and simple, and this article will tell you how to do it.

Put the Wire Back

One of the easiest and simplest things to do if the wire is loose is to simply place it back in its appropriate place. Sometimes by eating foods and such, your wire can become loose. Simply use tweezers or your hand to place the wire back into your bracket.

Cut The End Of The Wire

If the wire ends are poking the inside of your cheeks, you can choose to cut the ends of the wires that are sticking out. Use a simple wire cutter that your orthodontist gave you, and simple cut the end of the wire that is sticking out. It is best to look in a mirror as you’re doing this. After using the cutter, disinfect it with some rubbing alcohol for the next time you might need it. If you’re unsure about how to do this, you can visit your orthodontist’s clinic and they will do it for you. This literally takes them a matter of seconds to cut the wire, so you won’t need an appointment.

During your next appointment, ask your orthodontist if they have a distal end wire cutter that they would be able to give you. They usually provide you with them at the start of your treatment, but if not it wouldn’t hurt to ask. This wire cutter is made for this exact purpose. They cut the ends of the wire while holding the cut piece afterwards. This prevents it from going down your throat.

Bending the Wire

If you’re not too confident about cutting the wire, you can try to bend the with your hand. You can use tweezers or a toothpick if you feel more comfortable with those. Bend the wire tip away from your cheek to stop the poking.

Orthodontic Wax Pain Relief

You might remember that your orthodontist provided you with some wax at the start. Now would be a good time to use that orthodontic wax. Take a piece of wax and cover the tip end of the wire with it. Reapply the wax every few hours to prevent it from poking the inside of your cheeks.

Leave It Alone

If the wire end isn’t bother you, nor is it causing any pain, simply leave it alone until your next appointment. A wire end sticking out will not harm your progress and development, it’s just simply sticking out. During your next appointment, bring the issue to your orthodontist’s attention and they will fix the problem.

These are the problems associated with braces wire poking your cheeks. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable dealing with the situation, contact your orthodontist.

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