Why Braces Power Chain Are Needed To Fix Your Alignment

Sometimes you might have to get chains as a part of your treatment. You must be wondering what power chains are and how they will affect things? These chains are a form of elastics so to say. The chains are very similar to your elastic ligatures, except they are linked together like a chain. They span across your teeth and wrap around each bracket. Depending on your treatment, you might have to get both power chains and ligatures, or just one of the two.


What is the goal of power chains? The chains work to close gaps and spaces between your teeth. These chains will apply some extra pressure onto your teeth, which will help move them faster and quicker. Usually they are used when you have had some teeth extracted for your treatment. At times, even after all the spaces have been closed, your orthodontist might keep the chains on in order to insure that extra force and pressure is still there. This will help the teeth to keep on shifting in the right direction.

Power chains can be very similar to elastic ligatures. They come in various colors, can stain, and are often replaced with a new chain during adjustment appointments. If you aren’t sure which color to choose and you want to avoid staining, go with silver chains. Another good option to always go with are dark colored chains. This means navy blue and violet are great options. They look good when you smile and are very difficult to stain.


There are various types of chains, and which type you will have to wear will depend on your orthodontist’s decision. The different chains differ in design but more importantly in thickness and how tight they feel. Obviously, the tighter they are the more pressure they apply on your teeth to move.

Do power chains hurt? The very first time you get them, you will feel soreness and your teeth will become sensitive. This will happen for 24-48 hours. Afterwards, everything will go back to normal. They also will not hurt as much as when you first got braces.

How long till the power chains close spaces? The answer differs from one person to another depending on their particular situation. The time period also depends on how large the space between some of your teeth is. Some people might have to wear them for a few weeks, whereas other patients wear them for years. The larger the space between your teeth, the longer you’ll have to wear power chains.

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