Braces Pain: How To Eliminate It

There are many tips and tricks to eliminate braces pain. We all know that the first few days after you get them placed can be irritating. There are several things you’re able to do to help curb and reduce the discomfort you are experiencing. Unfortunately, you cannot eliminate all the pain and irritation. These simple actions can also be used when you feel soreness and hypersensitivity from time to time.


When you first get them, the pressure and presence of brackets are what causes you to feel discomfort. The pressure applied to your teeth from the brackets and elastics is novel and unfamiliar. This pressure will cause you to become sore because your teeth are connected to nerves, which have to adjust due to the force and pressure. This causes temporary ache and sensitivity until your roots and nerves change to the brackets and their applied force.

 Relieve The Discomfort

When you’re getting your mouth fixed, be prepared for toothaches that will follow. To decrease the ache, take over the counter relievers to reduce the soreness. Tylenol, Advil, or Panadol will all do the job of helping with the discomfort. These medications will only be useful for the next few hours after taking them. Once you feel the ache set in, and that you’re starting to hurt again, take another dosage if it is safe to do so. Consult your doctor or orthodontist before taking dosages of the medication. When your orthodontist adjusts your wires and elastics as time goes on, you can also take relievers to curb the short-lived irritation you’re experiencing.

 Cold Food And Drink

Be sure to drink cold drinks to reduce the braces pain. Milkshakes and cold lemonade or other drinks are very useful, they will numb and lessen the irritation. Unfortunately, they do not eliminate all the discomfort, pain, or soreness, but they can significantly subside it. If you want to go down the healthy route, water with ice in it will also do the trick.

Be sure to use your newly placed brackets system as an excuse to eat cold foods. That means if you want to have ice cream as a meal, go for it. Ice cream and popsicles are great for numbing and reducing the strain from having sore teeth. If one particular tooth is hurting more than the others, you can make sure that the popsicle comes into contact with that tooth.

Eating Soft Food

Planning before getting them will pay off. Prepare ahead of time and plan what food you will eat for the first few days after getting them placed on. This will make sure you reduce your hunger while feeling the effects of the newly set brackets. As well, by planning, you will be able to choose soft foods that are easy to chew. This will avoid applying unnecessary force onto your already sore teeth. It’s best to stick to soft foods that will require minimal chewing. These include Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, soups, and well-cooked mac n cheese.

It would be extremely wise and beneficial to avoid any hard chewing foods. This includes almonds and nuts in general, along with red meats. These foods apply a constant force or repetitive contact onto your teeth, which will hurt your mouth even more.

Using Wax

After your braces are on, your orthodontist will give you dental wax. Be sure to use this wax during the first few days after getting braces. The brackets will come into contact with the inside of your mouth. This crease friction will create mouth sores. Applying dental wax will prevent the conflict between the brackets and inner cheeks. Apply the wax repeatedly every few hours to replace the worn down wax.

Rinse Constantly

It is inevitable that you will get mouth sores, by rinsing your mouth with half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water you will ensure your wounds heal quickly. Do this several times a day to keep the healing process continuous.

 Oral Anesthetics

There are over the counter medications can get that work to numb braces pain. Oral gel works to numb the tooth so that you do not feel any discomfort or sensitivity. Reapply it every few hours to make sure you keep getting continuous results

If all fails, you can apply ice bags or a frozen bag of vegetables onto your cheeks. This works temporarily, but it does work nonetheless.