Braces Off: The End Of Your Journey


Normally it takes about an hour to get your braces off. It’s a much quicker process than getting them put on.

When Will I Know?

You will be given a notice about a month or two prior to the removal appointment. Before they get taken off, your orthodontist will inform you that your teeth are now aligned and biting properly. Then they’ll set a date for when to remove them.


It’s rare to experience any pain when they are being pulled off. The pain from all the adjustments and so on will not be experienced.  The assistant will just take off the braces with ease.

What To Expect

It’s a pretty simple process to remove the brackets. Firstly they take out the archwire from the both the top and bottom set. Then one after another they will use a medical plier to them off. When the bracket is off, the orthodontist will clean the adhesive glue that was used to keep the bracket from falling off. This process is repeated until all your brackets are off. After everything is done they might decide to file your teeth to perfect your smile. While you are rinsing your mouth and getting used to the extra space the orthodontist will be preparing a mold of your smile. This is a very quick process in which all you have to do is bite down. In the following days, you will be called in to pick up your retainer.

What To Eat

Finally,  you can enjoy the foods you couldn’t have because of orthodontics. However, for a day or two afterwards you might feel a bit of soreness. So, when eating food choose easy to chew foods until that sensitivity disappears.

What Next?

You’re almost done, now comes the easy part of your visits. It is crucial to wear a retainer for keeping your smile straight and prevent them from going back to being crooked. The assistant will give you instructions and a piece of paper with extra information on how long you should wear it, as well as what you should and should not do. It will take some time to get accustomed to the retainer. Speaking with the retainer will be a bit difficult and it might feel tight for the first few days. Both these issues will go after a few days.


  • You will have a little lisp when you begin wearing your retainer
  • Avoid missing any days, your teeth will shift quickly
  • Chew gum frequently
  • Don’t be afraid to smile, you worked hard to get that smile and now you have no reason to be self-conscious

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