Braces Not Working

At times you might come across situations whereby you think or feel that your braces are not working. This is a common feeling that everyone goes through at one stage or another during their treatment. Don’t be alarmed. This article will discuss how you should approach these thoughts and how to discuss the matter with your orthodontist.

 Common Complaints

We have gotten many visitors emailing us raising concern about how their braces are not shifting and moving teeth. Many people often highlight how their teeth might move in the opposite direction to how they think they should go. Apart from these scenarios many people bring up the discussion of how their overbite becomes larger or how spaces between teeth aren’t being filled. All these situations are perfectly normal when they do occur, and therefore you shouldn’t worry.

 Slow Progress

All these situations are perfectly normal because more often than not, it takes quite a bit of time before you begin to see results. Many people don’t see any change within the first 4 months of getting braces. In many cases, the teeth don’t move at all for months, and then out of nowhere they begin shifting and you progress without any stagnation.

 How To Track Transformations

Another point we’d like to bring to your attention is that unless you take pictures of your teeth on a daily basis, it is difficult to notice the little changes. Your teeth will be moving in distances of millimeters over time. To the common eye, this is very difficult to spot. That’s why if you want to see results be sure to take pictures on a daily basis or at the end of each month. That way you can compare and see the tiny shifts and movements. Be sure to take pictures from the same angle and distance when you want to see the transformation occurring.

Most cases you won’t be able to see the changes simply because there isn’t much drastic changes that needed to be done. That means that you would most likely see very little and subtle changes. Over time, these changes results in a perfect smile. If you are unsure about progress or have any concerns, be sure to raise them with your orthodontist. He/She will explain to you what they’re trying to achieve and how they’re trying to go about achieving it. That way you can rest at ease that your braces are doing their job.

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