Braces Mouth Guard

Having braces shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you enjoy the most. Sports can be a bit more difficult with braces because of the chance of the metal making heavy contact with your cheeks. A normal mouth guard can rarely fit braces and isn’t designed to do so. Luckily, now braces mouth guards are available to those with orthodontics!

How They Work

The guard is designed with the idea of your teeth having brackets on them. It allows more space and a takes on a slightly different shape to properly involve your brackets. The top of the mouth guard bends around the brackets and covers the top of the braces to both protect you from physical contact and help keep it in place. The plastic is designed to be able to fit with the changes in your teeth structure and still provide protection.  Some of the guards can only be used with the current shape of your teeth when placed on. These unfortunately aren’t the most practical choice considering that your teeth will constantly be changing and will require plenty of new ones once the old one doesn’t fit anymore.

Where To Buy

Sites like amazon, shock doctor, and sport stores should have them in stock. Consulting your orthodontist can lead to a good decision. Some orthodontists carry their own to make it easier for their patients. Be sure to talk to them prior to making any decision about the best option for protecting your mouth during heavy contact sports.

How To Wear Them

Each guard can be different which means that you should read the instructions prior to wearing them. Normally there are two types for braces. The first requires you to heat it prior to placing it on so that it can be molded to your specific teeth for a snug fit. The second is an automatic fitting style. These normally fit into place immediately and are very simple to use.

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