Braces Lip Protector

A braces lip protectors is a device worn to ensure that your lips and the insides of your mouth are not harmed during your treatment. Normally these are one of the ways you can protect your mouth while playing sports. Since the ball or another person can hit you and lead to the brackets cutting your lip, this piece of plastic can protect you from harm. Even if your not playing sports these can still be worn if you are playing a musical instrument or if the braces are irritating your mouth. This plastic appliance is a great option to prevent harm and make the overall experience easier.

When To Use

Previously we had mentioned that the lip protector should be used when playing sports, when playing an instrument or even when your mouth is irritated. Normally contact sports or those involving a hard ball, or any ball fast enough to cause damage. When playing an instrument, braces can get in the way and be a nuisance. The lip protector makes it easier and provides a quick solution to dealing with instruments that involve using the mouth. Normally a lip protector isn’t the first option suggested when the mouth is irritated but it is one of the best solutions. When treatment starts, your mouth hasn’t expanded enough to accommodate the brackets, which can cause the metal to constantly clash with the tissue. This normally causes irritation and bruising if not dealt with.

How To Put It On

It’s a very simple and straightforward process, you take the plastic and place it over the brackets. The plastic hugs the metal, which makes it stay in place in case of an injury or collision. It’s important to make sure the plastic is properly placed on the braces to make sure that it is not loose or become so during an inconvenient time.

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