Job Interview with Braces : How To Prepare

We’ve had several readers email us asking for tips on how to look professional and mature for job interviews while they’re going through their orthodontic journey. In order to offer useful advice on this topic, we spoke and interviewed people that have been in these situations to hear what they had to say. This article will discuss how to go through your interview and all the things you can do in order to prepare and present a professional image. That way, you’ll be able to land the job of your dreams regardless of your braces.

Making The Leap

If you haven’t gotten them because you’re worrying about how they will affect your job prospect, our interviewees all stated that the best thing to do is just make the leap and get them. This is simply because there will be cases whereby there is the urgent need for orthodontics to fix your teeth. There will be no right time to get them, so it is best to get them as soon as an orthodontist claims you need them and you are financially able to afford them.

What Employers Think

An employer will without a doubt notice you have brackets on your teeth. To them this isn’t a bad thing at all. From their perspective, they are seeing you try to develop your professional imagine and investing in yourself. It means you are very conscious about what’s best for your image as well as what you need to further yourself. They want employees who are trying to further develop themselves instead of not improving at all. Unsurprisingly, employers stated that they would’ve noticed bad teeth without brackets on them more easily and it would’ve left a somewhat bad impression. That is why it is better to look as though you are taking care of your image instead of leaving your image as it is.

Choose The Right Type

If you don’t want the metal kind, there are several other types to choose from. Ceramics and Invisalign are very difficult to notice. We have an article specifically dedicated to the various types available that you might be interested in reading.

Interview Preparation

Just like how you would cut your hair, shave your beard, you should clean your teeth the day before and of the interview. It is very important to floss and brush thoroughly the days leading up to the big day. This ensures that there’s no food stuck or yellow stains. When you smile or speak, your interviewers won’t be distracted by bad oral hygiene. Make sure you clean under, above, and in-between the brackets. If you have to wear elastics as a part of your treatment, be sure to remove them before the interview.


Most of our interviewees stated how they did land the position of their dreams regardless of their orthodontics. Many stated that being confident played a large role in being chosen. If your braces aren’t a big deal to you, they won’t be a big deal to others. Be confident about them and how you’re investing in improving your health, confidence, and image. This will be picked up by those interviewing and you’ll have a great interview.

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